August 3rd, 2016

Shoka Bell

At PUBLIC, we love products that marry beautiful design with straight-forward functionality to make our lives easier on bicycles.

This is why we’re excited about the Shoka Bell – a bell that improves safety, navigation, security, and visibility. The Shoka team has designed an impressive, multi-functional bell that we think our PUBLIC customers will want.

In the words of our friends from Shoka, the Shoka Bell “combines a navigation system, front light, security alarm and bell into a single unit that can be mounted on a handlebar. Simply connect the bell to a smartphone via bluetooth and enter a destination, Shoka Bell will guide you to your destination with clear turn by turn directions and chooses the safest route every time.

“Shoka Bell features eight sounds, controlled by the intuitive joystick, for every bike ride. Honk for a car, a polite ding for pedestrians, or even record your own message. There is an automatic volume control that adjusts the ringtone volume to the surrounding noise so you can always be heard. Through the app custom ringtones can be created and even more sounds are available to download for free.”

Shoka light

As avid city riders, we know that one of the most important accessories is a bicycle bell for safety in communicating with others about your presence. Also many of us use our smartphones to help navigate our city streets when riding our bicycles around town.

A front light for nighttime visibility is essential. And if someone attempts to move your bike without your permission, wouldn’t you want to be alerted?

Shoka theft alert

The Shoka Bell offers so many feature benefits wrapped into one small handlebar mounted device.

The sample Shoka Bells have already received numerous innovation awards, but the team needs our help to support manufacturing, tooling, software development, and other key milestones.

We encourage you to take a close look at the Shoka Bell and consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign to fund Shoka’s initial production.

Shoka colours

August 2nd, 2016

international bike travel Shimanami_Kaido_Bikeway_Japan

Shimanami Kaito Bikeway. Image by redlegsfan21 via wikimedia.

International bike travel sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? It’s hard enough to get your passport renewed and pack everything for a regular trip abroad. Add to that the hassle of packing a bicycle and navigating a city you don’t know (where you don’t speak the language)… it’s enough to make a beginner cancel their flight.

But let’s say the idea still calls to you. You’re enticed by the notion of landscapes with rolling hills and foaming waters, dotted with ruins and small villages and new ways of life. You imagine sailing with the wind in your face and no windshield to obstruct your view, communing directly with the world! In that case, we’ve got some bike-friendly spots abroad in mind just for you.

We’ve rounded up our top five bike-friendly destinations for international bike travel. These places are great for those contemplating their first bike tour abroad or want to attempt international bike travel with their kids. The following locales are laid-back enough that you’ll be able to explore on two wheels and unwind on your vacation.

Danube Bike Path in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary

international bike travel

Camp site at Passau, Germany. Image by Chris Bainbridge via wikimedia.

Perfect for families, this pleasantly paved biking trail snakes through Germany and Austria and lands in Budapest, Hungary. The well-trodden route is part of EuroVelo6, the famous French cycling route. It follows the Danube River from its source all the way to the Black Sea, but there’s no need to take the entire route. Tackle the stretch that seems appropriate for you and your cycling pack. You might choose just the secluded German section or the popular Austrian trail. In Austria, cyclists soak in the urban sophistication of Vienna and pedal alongside clear water. Then, between observing green valleys in the countryside, they snack on Austria’s delectable dumplings and sample wines in taverns.

The Shimanami Kaido in Japan

international bike travel

Shimanami Kaido bike route in Japan. Images via wikimedia here and here.

Clocking in at only 40 miles, this serene trail is set off from the main road and connects Hiroshima’s islands, giving riders vistas onto the Seto Inland Sea. Some travelers complete the trip in a day, but it also accommodates tranquil wandering with campsites and hotels. There are 14 bike rental shops, which means you can skip the cumbersome bike luggage and rent your two wheels.

Otago Peninsula in New Zealand

international bike travel

The Otago Peninsula. Image via wikimedia

Start from the Victorian and Edwardian college town of Dunedin and venture into the countryside. The second half of this trail is grueling—so you can skip it! Just stick with the easygoing first half. The trail swirls around the coastline, and you can stop at the acute right turn that signals the start of the steep hill. Go during the drier months, from September to May.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy

international bike travel

Image via wikimedia.

Smooth pedaling alongside vineyards and benign hills make this Italian route a family pleaser. In northeast Italy, you can rest in piazzas and drink its famed varietals of white wine. The last leg rewards your hard work with a view of the Istrian coast.

Galway City to Spiddal in Ireland

international bike travel

Lovely route in Galway. Image by C O’Flanagan.

A total of 25 miles—from the harbor city of Galway to the charming village of Spiddal—this trek presents one big climb in the beginning. After this, writes local cyclist Pat O’Donnell, “it’s plain sailing.” If you’re blessed with a clear day, you’ll see the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. In Spiddal village, take a breather with a snack in the crafts center, and then turn back to Galway.

July 21st, 2016

goodnessknows + PUBLIC Giveaway

In celebration of Bike to Work Month last May, we partnered with goodnessknows® to give away a limited-edition goodnessknows® + PUBLIC bike based on our popular single-speed step-thru Cream PUBLIC C1.

Our customized goodnessknows® + PUBLIC bike exemplifies our brands’ shared passion for healthy, active living. In the past, goodnessknows® has partnered with Denver’s B-Cycle program for Bike to Work Day and raised money for local bike organizations for every mile biked by local residents.


We’re pleased to announce Melissa C. (pictured above) as our winner. Melissa works in local government for a small city in the greater Los Angeles area. Her favorite place to bike ride is at the beach. She feels fortunate to live in a city that has approximately 70 miles of bike trails that her family can enjoy.

Melissa loves riding around and seeing other people enjoying being outside and getting some exercise. As she says, “I can’t wait to try out my new bike!”

July 19th, 2016

biking with your dog

Photos by Akshay Sawhney.

Bike lovers are often dog lovers. And why not? Both are a human’s best friend, lovers of the outdoors and game for adventuring. And when you pair bikes and dogs, well, magic happens. Magic in the form of extreme adorableness (see above for proof), but also in the form of the supremely enjoyable experience that can be had biking with your dog, exploring the world and exercising together. Added bonus? No more whimpering beside the doggie door at home while you go on solo rides.

We explore three different ways of biking with your dog: toting them in a bike basket, pulling them along in a dog trailer and having them jog alongside you. We encourage you to consider your canine’s personality, size and fitness level when picking one of the many ride-along or jogging options to find the one that suits your needs and your pet’s best. And please let us know in the comments your personal tips and tricks for riding with your pet.

biking with your dog basket

Photos by Akshay Sawhney.


For smaller dogs, front or rear baskets are a smart choice. Their tiny legs are no match for the big strides of your bicycle. But with a basket, they can enjoy the breeze and the sights alongside you.

Attach the basket to your rear rack, front rack or your handlebars. The smaller the dog, the better off you’ll be with a front basket, where you can keep an eye on your friend. Whatever you do, make sure that your dog’s leash hooks to your handlebars or bike. Many baskets are made with clip-on leashes, which is the best option. That way, your dog will be less likely to try to jump out and chase a cat.

Your options include:

  • Wicker (like this or this): An environmentally friendly and classic look, the wicker basket will give your dog ample breeze on toasty days.
  • Wire (like this or this): These workhorse baskets will hold a heavier dog, and they’re easier to clean if your dog brings a mess on the ride.
  • Fabric: Comfortable and often handy with extra pouches and pockets, the fabric basket is commonly waterproof. But they might sway more on the ride or buckle underneath a dog’s weight, making this a better option for tiny pets.
biking with your dog trailer


For big dogs who want to sit back and enjoy the ride, trailers are a simple solution. They’re generally built for dogs that weigh more than 20-25 lbs. A few pointers:

  • Be careful to choose a trailer that will actually fit your dog’s shape: The weight ratings of dog trailers don’t always take into account all the shapes and sizes of a dog that weighs that amount. So, try it on for size first. Your dog should have enough room to move around and sit down.
  • Check that you can easily hitch and unhitch your trailer. Make sure the connection is secure so that your trailer doesn’t fly off mid-ride.
  • Practice biking around with your trailer while it’s empty, so you get accustomed to the longer load. On your first ride, you’ll want to reassure your dog by looking like you know what you’re doing.
  • Acclimate your dog to the trailer by having him sit in it at home well before you actually ride. Make sure your dog enjoys sitting in a trailer before you commit to biking with a scared pup.


  • This option can spell the most fun and exercise for your companion. If your dog is physically fit and big enough for his legs to keep up with your wheels, consider working your way up to this mutually beneficial hobby.
  • It might seem liberating to simply use a normal leash and hook it to a handlebar, but this could spell disaster. If your dog sees a squirrel, it might dart in an unpredictable direction, pulling you and your bike down with it.
  • Instead, shop for the proper supplies before you head out. Buy a non-tangling lead—there are even leashes made for this specific purpose, like WalkyDog and Springer, that keep your dog at a safe distance from your wheels. Also pick up a body harness and an extra leash for when you park your bike and explore by foot. For nighttime rides, invest in a reflective vest and blinking lights. Nice-to-haves include a backpack for your dog to carry its own water supply and treats, rain gear, and booties for rides on hot days.
  • Practice commands such as “slow,” “left,” “right” and “stop” before you even hop on your bike. Then, start out with short rides, making sure to keep your pet on the non-traffic side of your bike. Soon, you’ll be biking around town with your dog like a pro. For those dogs that are especially well trained, you could choose to bike alongside them without a leash at all.

If you love bikes and dogs, there’s no reason to separate the two. Experiment until you find the solution that’s right for your pet. Then, you’ll have a shared hobby that wears you both out for a good night’s rest.

July 14th, 2016

This July month PUBLIC is taking part in annual month-long summer activities in the Hamptons organized by online designer retailer REVOLVE. In partnership with activewear company Lorna Jane, we outfitted the REVOLVE mansion with customized PUBLIC bikes for their guests and party-goers to ride to the beach and around the Hamptons.

To celebrate summer fun, now through July 31, we’re giving away a PUBLIC bike with our partners Lorna Jane and REVOLVE. Enter to win.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.25.07 PM

Check out all these stylish fashionistas wearing the latest designer outfits with our PUBLIC bikes. Below are a few of our favorites. Follow #REVOLVEInTheHamptons on Instagram to keep up with REVOLVE’s summer fun.

Camila Coelho – @camilacoelho

The best summer ride! ?? —— Com saudade dos passeios de bicicleta!

A photo posted by Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho) on

Jamie Chung – @jamiejchung

Beach day ?? @revolve #revolveinthehamptons

A photo posted by Jamie Chung (@jamiejchung) on

Negin Mirsalehi – @negin_mirsalehi

Aimee Song – @songofstyle

Preferred transportation in the Hamptons ? || @revolve @privacypls #revolveinthehamptons

A photo posted by Aimee Song (@songofstyle) on

Victoria Magrath – @inthefrow

Gala González – @galagonzalez

Days that start like this ❤️?? | @majorelle_collection #revolveinthehamptons

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Sara Escudero – @collagevintage

The first to reach the beach wins ?☺️? #Revolveinthehamptons @revolve

A photo posted by ??Sara (@collagevintage) on

Friends Ride ? @revolve #Revolveinthehamptons @tuulavintage

A photo posted by ??Sara (@collagevintage) on

Dani Song – @songdani

woke up this am missing my hunnnays @camilacoelho @inthefrow ????? #revolveinthehamptons

A photo posted by Dani Song (@songdani) on

oh haiii herro! ?✌?️?? 달려라 다니~

A video posted by Dani Song (@songdani) on

Louie Roe – @louiseroe

Getting into the Hamptons spirit! @revolve #revolveinthehamptons @loversfriendsla Photo cred @imalexharrison

A photo posted by Louise Roe (@louiseroe) on

Jessi Malay – @jessimalay

And I'm home… ? Hello HAMPTONS ?? #REVOLVEinTheHamptons #JMonTheRUN

A photo posted by Jessi Malay of mywhiteT (@jessimalay) on

Joyride ? #REVOLVEinTheHamptons

A photo posted by Jessi Malay of mywhiteT (@jessimalay) on

Jasmine Sanders – @golden_barbie

Hello Hamptons! Home for the weekend!! | @revolve #REVOLVEintheHamptons #JasmineSanders #GoldenBarbie

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Chriselle Lim – @chrisellelim

brb, headed to brunch with @revolve wearing @grlfrnd_denim #revolveinthehamptons

A photo posted by Chriselle Lim ? 임소정 (@chrisellelim) on

That smile when you just had the most memorable weekend with the most incredible people. #revolveinthehamptons

A photo posted by Chriselle Lim ? 임소정 (@chrisellelim) on

Riding around town ??

A photo posted by Chriselle Lim ? 임소정 (@chrisellelim) on

Arielle Noa Charnas – @somethingnavy

Olivia Culpo – @oliviaculpo

Devin Brugman – @devinbrugman

It's a lifestyle @revolve #revolveinthehamptons #robelife

A photo posted by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

REVOLVE – @revolve

biker babes ? #revolveinthehamptons

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Lorna Jane – @lornajaneactive

Essence – @essence

July 5th, 2016

bike camping 101
You love biking, and you love camping. But you’ve always been afraid to combine the two and actually go bike camping because it sounds so daunting: a heavy load on a long ride, gathering that gear list, and making sure that you definitely have all your supplies (so you don’t end up exclusively noshing on energy bars since the propane burner never made it into your pack).

Fear not. Bike camping is a lot simpler than it sounds because there are a variety of different levels of bike camping. There’s absolutely no need to jump right into multi-day bike camping, freeze dried food and purifying your own water. You can start out very simply, without a tent even (see credit-card bike touring, below). And once you’re ready to pitch a tent, you’ll just need to gather the lightest version of your camping supplies, get a rack for your bike, sturdy bike panniers and bike bungees to secure all supplies. Oh, and find just the right camping spot, of course!

bike camping 101

First step, even before assembling a packing list, is to decide what type of bike camping you’re after. Here’s a nice round-up of different types of bike camping/touring options from REI and some pros and cons to each:

  • Credit-card bike touring: Carry only your basic gear. Then, pay for things like hotels and meals along the way (hence, “credit card”). This method makes for a light ride and less stress about whether you remembered everything. Think of it as “glamping”: You tour in the luxury of warm showers. But you’ll pay more for a hotel than a campground on the dirt, and more for restaurant meals than a packed PB&J.
  • Self-supported bike camping: Pack and pedal everything yourself. Store all of your camping supplies and meals in panniers attached to your bike rack or a bike trailer behind you. This method is affordable and gives you the breezy feeling of self-reliance. But it also means you carry everything on your own muscle power.
  • Car bike camping: Have a friend bring up the rear with a van full of your camping gear! You can be free of your heavier supplies, and if you get caught in a downpour, you’ll have instant shelter. The challenges include: finding a friend who would agree to experience the views from a car instead of a bike, and not being able to offroad it with your bikes—or the car would be left behind.
  • Organized bike camping: In a paid bike camping tour, all the headaches are someone else’s problem. You get to meet new people, and in some cases, you don’t have to carry the camping supplies yourself. The accommodation and navigation are all taken care of. The downside? These tours can be expensive, and you don’t get to choose your own adventure.
bike camping

Once you’ve decided on your trip style, packing becomes simpler. If you choose to do a self-supported bike camping, you’d need the maximum gear. Here’s everything you’d need to make it happen from Bike Overnights and REI:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Camp pad
  • Pillow
  • Tent
  • Food
  • Toiletries
  • Map
  • Flashlight
  • Pocketknife
  • Matches
  • Raingear
  • Towel
  • Two pairs of biking clothes
  • Two pairs of non-sweaty clothes
  • Patch kit
  • Pump (like this one or this one)
  • Cycling multi-tools (like this one)
  • Sturdy Bike Rack (like this one or this one)
  • Bicycle Pannier Bag (like this pair)

That’s it! And even those items are optional: Not everyone would feel the need to bring a towel or multiple pairs of clothes, especially if you aren’t overnighting over numerous days. Some rugged adventurers can do without a camp pad or air mattress. And others might happily sleep in a camp hammock instead of a tent.

bike camping

Once you’ve narrowed down your checklist, pack all of your supplies in panniers, baskets, and/or a bike trailer. For some wild inspiration, check out these DIY bike trailers. You can also buy one that’s readymade. If you’d rather skip the expense of a trailer, just strap your tent to your rear rack. Organize your items into panniers by category, such as sleeping and cooking (and use other packing advice from this seasoned Canadian traveler).

Then, you’re ready to bike the world!

June 29th, 2016

Written by PUBLIC Founder, Rob Forbes

bill cunningham bike new york

Image by Matthew Tichenor via flickr.

The Tour de France begins this Saturday, July 2 from the foot of Mont Saint-Michel, and we will all be treated to three weeks of extraordinarily beautiful French countryside, fierce competition by amazing athletes, those wild outfits with polka dots and logos, along with the celebrated iconic race leader yellow jersey. The race ends in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, where heroes are crowned, and legendary figures such as Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, and Greg LeMond earned their reputations.

One of my cycling heroes, lesser known in biking circles, but an icon in the New York fashion scene died this past Saturday. Bill Cunningham was 87 when he passed away.

Cunningham documented street and couture fashion for decades, often from one of his city bikes. He does not hold any records for speed and was never spotted wearing racing spandex, but he possibly holds the record as the person with more bikes stolen or wrecked than any other individual (over 30!). Cunningham was one of the most influential people in fashion. He was both adored and feared by fashion designers and loved by the public for his iconic weekly column in The New York Times.

bill cunningham new york bike

Image by Anthony Fine via flickr

This documentary on him, Bill Cunningham New York is epic and well worth a watch. It captures an utterly unique individual, someone with a rich and varied life story who never sold out to the commercial forces of his industry. As Bill said, “If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do. That’s the key to the whole thing”.


Image by Robert King via flickr

What would Bill Cunningham say about the Yellow Jersey? Who cares? 🙂 But isn’t it wonderful that we have such bike heroes like Bill Cunningham impressing us from the streets of New York, not just the acclaimed bike racers pedaling through the windy, steep Pyrenees?


June 22nd, 2016

Napa Valley Vine Trail 1

Image by Tubay Yabut Photography.

Napa Valley is known for world-class wine and food.

The region is a popular tourist destination, but most people explore Napa Valley by car even though the beautiful scenery and weather is perfect for biking.

Thankfully, the amazing Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is a grassroots organization working to fund, construct, and support “47 safe and scenic miles of level, paved, family-friendly, pet-friendly, free-access Class I trail, stretching from Vallejo’s Ferry to Calistoga.”

This Vine Trail would connect many Napa Valley communities from Vallejo to Calistoga and allow both residents and tourists to follow Highway 29 and existing Wine Train tracks.

Napa Valley Vine Trail 2

Image by Tubay Yabut Photography.

PUBLIC was proud to support the Vine Trail by providing 80+ customized Green PUBLIC V7 bikes to winners of a 2015 Vine Trail auction package.

Napa Valley Vine Trail 3

Image by Tubay Yabut Photography.

On June 1, many of these winners went on a preview guided ride from Kennedy Park in Napa to Yountville on their customized PUBLIC bikes where they also enjoyed a delicious lunch by chef Michael Chiarello at Bottega Ristorante.

Take a look at some photos from their ride.

Napa Valley Vine Trail

Image by Tubay Yabut Photography.

Napa Valley Vine Trail

Image by Tubay Yabut Photography.

Napa Vally Vine Trail -02

Image by Tubay Yabut Photography.

We interviewed Philip Sales, Executive Director of Napa Valley Vine Trail, to learn more about the Napa Valley Vine Trail:

Right now, what kinds of people bike in Napa Valley and what kind of infrastructure are they riding on? And once Napa Valley Vine Trail is completed, what changes do you anticipate seeing?

I cycled the Napa Valley on the very first “Backroads” Bike Tour of Napa Valley in 1981. My friend Tom Hale had just started “Backroads”. At that time Highway 29, which connects the Valley, was busy but nothing like the traffic we have today. Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail (a county road, not a trail!) are still the only north-south routes for most cyclists but traffic speeds are fast and there are inadequate shoulders in many places. Coupled with the facts that we have 3 million tourists unfamiliar with the area and distracted drivers, these routes are not for the faint of heart. You really need to be a confident and experienced cyclist. Sadly, there have been several fatalities involving cyclists on both the Silverado Trail and SR29, most recently last week where an experienced cyclist was killed.

The 47-mile Vine Trail is a game changer and a transformational project. Being a separate trail, wide enough for both pedestrians and cyclists, the Vine Trail it will provide a safe alternative for locals and visitors. The first 12.5- mile phase from Kennedy Park in Napa to Yountville provides a corridor which connects communities, downtown, retail, hotels and schools. Over 18,000 students from K-12 and the Napa Community College attend schools within half a mile of the new trail. We want this trail to be a place you would feel comfortable sending your kids to school on.

Our next phase of the Vine Trail, for which we assisted the Napa Valley Transportation Authority secure a $6.1 million grant, will connect the cities of Calistoga and St Helena with Bothe Napa State Park. Over 1.5 million tourists visit that upper part of Napa Valley. We believe that this next project will provide a safe alternative to driving in that very constrained and busy corridor.

napa valley vine trail

To make the Napa Valley Vine Trail a reality, it requires cooperation between the public, private, and nonprofit sector. Why do you think people from different sectors are drawn to this project and what are the major opportunities and challenges when a project involves so many players to implement?

The Vine Trail is a unique public-private partnership. Public agencies are often strapped by budget constraints and lack of staff. Our role is not just to be merely an advocate but a true partner and make this project a success for everyone. We have had great support from all the cities, the two counties (Napa and Solano) Agriculture, the Wine industry and the Tourism industry. Our Board has representatives from over thirty organizations ranging from the Arts to the Sherriff’s office. Our Board understands that this is a transformational project and a legacy we can leave for the future residents and visitors to the beautiful Napa Valley.

The Vine Trail Coalition not only provides philanthropic funds, but we have assisted agencies with grant writing (we have raised over $12 million in federal and state grants in the past four years). We can move faster as a nimble organization consisting of 1.5 full time staff. We also do a lot of the planning. I am a licensed Landscape Architect and have been involved in trail and park planning for over forty years. I prepared the original feasibility study in 2008 and so have been intimately involved in the project since day one. We supervise engineering, prepare feasibility studies, negotiate right of way easements from willing property owners, developed an interpretive signage program, which we will be unveiling in July, celebrating Napa Valley heritage, culture and history. We are involved in developing programs for Health, Arts and Education on the Vine Trail. Most recently, as the Vine Trail Coalition, we took on a major construction project with the city of Napa of half a mile of the trail including installing an 83- foot long prefabricated bridge. We completed that project in sixty- five days in time for the preview ride. We did so because our primary public sector partner, the Napa Valley Transportation Authority was not able to. We now own a bridge which we will soon be giving to the City of Napa.

Our biggest challenge is that the Vine Trail crosses through thirteen different public jurisdictions (cities, town, counties, special districts, State Parks, Caltrans and Napa College), each with their own set of rules, philosophies and budgetary challenges. As the Vine Trail Coalition we do not own any of the trail and so we have to encourage the different entities to work together. In Napa Valley, the Vine Trail connects tall the jurisdictions like no other project. It is important to see the Vine Trail as a single “brand” and an identity which unites. We have prepared a Trail Maintenance White Paper which we hope to get everyone on the same page.

To address budgetary issues, the Vine Trail Coalition has set up a Maintenance fund endowment of $1.3 million which will help fund maintenance and long term repairs. Our goal is to grow that fund to $7.5 million by the time the 47 miles are complete. This is a totally unique approach. I am unaware of any other trail organization which has done this.

What are the next key milestones in 2016 to move this Napa Valley Vine Trail project forward?

We are thrilled to have received the $6.1 million grant to construct the 9- mile Vine Trail from Calistoga to St Helena. It was the largest single grant awarded in the nine Bay Area counties and a testament of how visionary this project is and how we can deliver what we say we can. The goal is to complete this section by 2020.

We are also working with property owners to close the gap between St Helena and Yountville. We hope to have some exciting news on this later this year.

Through our partner at Solano county transportation Authority and city of Vallejo we are applying for grant funds to complete the Vine Trail between the City of Vallejo and the City of American Canyon. The City of American Canyon is constructing a quarter mile section of the Vine Trail this summer.

How can someone living in Napa Valley or outside Napa Valley support this effort?

The Vine Trail has to raise $2.5 million in private funding for the Calistoga to St Helena phase of this project and $800,000 towards the connection of American Canyon and Vallejo phase. If people would like to become one of our funding partners you can contact us at (707) 252 3547 or through our web site at We appreciate all donations. Also like us on Facebook and keep up to date with our progress.

June 14th, 2016

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

Ever heard of “adventure hoteling”? If not, we’d like to introduce you to one of the places we’re most excited to visit this summer, Caravan Outpost in Ojai, CA. It’s an “adventure hotel” experience with all the amenities you’d get from a 5-star hotel, without any of the pretense. Just a restful, well-curated environment with thoughtful touches to make your vacation unique. Their motto “No Room and Bored” and their colorful, eclectic Instagram account will make you add this spot to your travel bucket list, stat.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

Plus, you’ll be able to ride PUBLIC bikes during your stay at Caravan Outpost. Riding around Ojai is just one of the many ways Caravan Outpost makes “Make Magic Moments” for its guests. Continue reading for our interview that includes all the details on this special place.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

What’s the vision for Caravan Outpost and who are the people behind Caravan Outpost?

The Caravan Outpost mission is really simple; Make Magic Moments for the people who come here.

Think of Caravan Outpost as a handcrafted adventure hotel. We’re easy to book and stay, like a traditional hotel, but you’re not going to have a traditional hotel experience here. We call that our ‘No Room and Bored’ policy. At Caravan Outpost we have PUBLIC bikes, the fire-pit, our vintage tin shed lobby, Surf lessons, Yoga, Hiking, Pop up dinners and events – many other things to do. We work hard at guest experience, because even in the early stages of the business, the people who are coming here are creative and eclectic – they want more. Our guests are starving for an authentic lodging experience and want to taste something different in travel. If the average hotel is fast food, we’re geared more like a farm-to-table place to treat like your own home. Better ingredients make a better travel experience.

Who’s behind our company? First and foremost, the community who is helping us create it. One of our maxims is that the ‘Guest is the star’. Our investors and clientele are film industry types, artists, musicians, designers, chefs and professional athletes who want to extend a certain lifestyle and point of view into travel. The founding group is some of the leading people in the Outdoor and Fashion business, joined with one of the oldest and most community centered families in Ojai.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

When is Caravan Outpost open to the public? What can people expect when they stay at Caravan Outpost?

The gates crack open on the place July 1. What you can expect is a great Airstream to stay in, cool people and warm weather. Our lobby area has all the traditional expectations of a hotel – WIFI, Organic pastries and great coffee in a community gathering space. A secondary expectation is simply that you will connect into our community – and find like-minded people who share your passion for art, music, food and the outdoors as a frame around your life experience.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

What makes Caravan Outpost a special place and guest experience?

People, Products and Plants. We have amenities, clean bedrooms and all the things you would expect at any hotel – that’s not the hard part. The hard part is getting a good audience of authentic and artistic people to the same place and sharing something special with them. We offer personal care, attention to the details that matter to you and a place for you to get that feeling of a perfect day in Ojai – however you want to define that. Additionally, we make a really great looking apparel line that is augmented with vintage and Maker driven products. It’s a totally different spin on travel and apparel, but we’ve had visits from Italian Vogue, One Kings Lane, Escape Brooklyn, etc and these people are buying and loving the product side of our brand – and the hotel piece. Last, but certainly not least, the entire Caravan Outpost environment is a gorgeously appointed Botanical Garden, right in the middle of downtown Ojai. We have thousands of plants, several palms and exotic plant rarities for people to see, experience and learn about. One of our founders is a plant expert, and you can immediately see that special influence at the Outpost.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

For someone who has never stayed in an Airstream, why should they consider Caravan Outpost for a relaxing, destination trip? Why stay in an Airstream over other options?

Why do anything different? Why not accept the status quo and do things the same old way? Being unique is a choice that our guests have already made – we’re just enabling a piece of who they already are, by bringing them a unique place to gather. We love Airstreams and think they are a fantastically comfortable, iconic space to live and stay in – but Caravan Outpost is not about Airstreams, it’s about the people who gather and enjoy our space.

Why Ojai and your specific location?

Ojai is our initial location, because we are rooted in the local community here and believe it to be a very special place. It’s so easy to create magic in this town, because so many good and wonderful people are already walking the streets, celebrating all the city has to offer. We believe Ojai is the American Mediterranean, and that no one is really telling that story of climate, food, wine and life in a unique valley that has a one-of-a-kind vibe to it. The history of Ojai has long been as a getaway from Hollywood and LA for the famous. One day in town and you get why people come here to center-up and find peace. Another key component is the sun. We are working our way to the most sustainable business we can create and solar is a big part of the picture. We’re not 100% off the grid, but we do have several Airstreams running on solar, skylights in restrooms, bathrooms and storage areas. Our partner Goal Zero has provided some amazing and compact solar panel products for our guest to demo, which is a baby step – but we’re working our way to being as solar powered as is possible.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

Why are you offering PUBLIC bikes at Caravan Outpost?

The answer goes back to our star – the guests at Caravan Outpost. There is no way we are putting our guests on anything other than what we believe are beautifully built bikes. PUBLIC and Caravan Outpost are such a good fit because we are both design driven – and both are created for people who appreciate a considered product. Public bikes have been a hit from the second we opened the boxes and the biggest problem we have right now is that we don’t have enough of them!

June 9th, 2016

best bike gear roundup for biking dads fathers day
As much as we love our fathers, let’s admit it—occasionally, they wear embarrassing things and use questionable biking gear. To reconcile the men that we love with the way they deserve to look, feel, and bike around town, we’ve compiled the 10 best bike gear gifts for biking dads. This Father’s Day, send your dad pedaling down the street in style—no cringing required.
best bike gift trinity bicycle helmet
1. To avoid the cost factor inherent in some sporty, ventilated helmets, the Giro Trinity Road Helmet offers a sleek alternative in black or titanium. These dark tones make the head look streamlined. With an in-mold shell, your dad will be protected against the open road.

2. For the dad who appreciates a fine piece of craftsmanship, the handcrafted Spurcycle Black Bell makes a sound much larger than it looks. Designed to fit any handlebar and crafted out of premium brass and steel, this stunning bell should please any design aficionado.  

best bike gear cycle hand pump

3. Traveling cyclists will appreciate the Crank Brothers Sterling Short Pump with Gauge. Unlike most mini pumps, this compact device comes with a pressure gauge. That way, when your father is far down the open road, he won’t have to worry about overinflating and popping his own tires.

best bike gear ortlieb pannier bicycle bag

4. Many bicycle lovers often dream of and save up for their ideal pair of panniers. You might make your dad’s day with the Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Waterproof Panniers, which would enable him to go camping with 40 liters of packing space. The durable, waterproof fabric will ensure all his gear stays safe in even the most rugged terrain.

best bike gear bicycle multi-tool

5. Put your mind at ease knowing that your dad can handle any setback on the road with the Crank Brothers Multi Tool 10. This strong “Swiss Army knife” for bikers should tackle most mechanical issues along the way.

best bike gear fortified bicycle theft proof light set

6. If Dad’s forgetful (and, well, who among us an hasn’t neglected to take their lights off their bike and had them swiped?) then this is the light set for him. The Fortified Theft Proof Aviator Headlight & Afterburner Taillight Set can be locked to a bike with an allen key. Weather-proof and lightweight, these lights can be ignored—until your dad needs them.

best bike gear brooks bicycle leather saddle

7. For the father who could use an upgraded seat, the Brooks B17 Bike Saddle will stay with him for years. As he breaks in the leather and it becomes more comfortable, he’ll always think of you when he takes off on a cushy trip.

best bike gear coffee cup bicycle bottle holder

8. The dad who loves both coffee and biking will adore the PUBLIC Trieste Coffee Cup Holder. Now, he can travel along with his favorite cup of java—or taste something new on a spur-of-the-moment adventure. No special mug required and works great for both hot and cold beverages.

best bike gear smartphone handlebar bicycle holder

9. For the dad who isn’t ashamed to ask for directions, the Nite Ize HandleBand Smartphone Holder will allow him to securely hold his phone against his handlebars. As he follows his route on a map, he can continue to touch and use his phone with the open design of this case. Special dad bonus: The aluminum backing contains a bottle opener.

best bike gear république special edition roadster bike

10. To all-out splurge on your dad, buy him a brand new bike! The PUBLIC V7 Special Edition Bike, The Republique. It’s a gorgeous roadster outfitted with the premium Brooks B17 Leather Saddle and PUBLIC Porteur Front Rack. Upgrades that might even inspire an out-of-practice cyclist to get back in the saddle again.