Marine Layer + PUBLIC Giveaway Winner

April 17th, 2015


We’re pumped to announce the very lucky winner of our Marine Layer + PUBLIC giveaway is singer/songwriter Lynn Cardona from Los Angeles, CA.

When Lynn is not behind the microphone she can be found hiking up to Griffith Observatory in LA, hitting a yoga class, or spending a lazy Sunday morning reading comics with her boyfriend, Arthur.

Lynn doesn’t currently have a bike and can’t wait to take to the roads on her new PUBLIC bike and “go for spins around Los Feliz when the weather gets nicer.”

Congratulations Lynn and many happy trails!

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Rapha + PUBLIC Giveaway Winner

February 12th, 2015

Congrats to Elliott, the Rapha + PUBLIC Giveaway Winner!

We’re excited to announce that the winner of our Rapha + PUBLIC Giveaway is Elliott S. from El Dorado Hills, CA.

Elliott grew up riding mountain bikes around Folsom Lake, CA. In college he recalls riding his rusty single speed road bike between his classes and his grocery job, and then going for trail rides on the weekends.

What draws him to riding is the convenience and the freedom. “When I bike I don’t have to worry about parking or spending money on car insurance,” said Elliott.

When he previously lived in San Francisco he bike commuted daily to work and loved seeing the bike infrastructure improvements in the city, like bike lanes along the Embarcadero. Since bikes have always been a part of his life and he believes in encouraging the biking lifestyle, he donates regularly to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Currently, Elliott is living his “dream job” as a videographer for Kirkwood Mountain Resort. When the gig ends, he’s excited to move back to the Bay Area where he plans to “ride this PUBLIC D8i Chrome everywhere!”

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Our Rudy’s + PUBLIC Bikes Giveaway Winner

October 16th, 2014

The lucky winner of our Rudy’s Barbershop + PUBLIC Giveaway is Jeff Gang from Boston.

Jeff is a regular commuter who bikes almost every day, including through most of the winter. He’s a big supporter (and former board member) of the Boston Cyclists Union.

We’re excited to hear Jeff’s perspective on bicycling in Boston. He says, “The Boston Cyclists Union is an awesome group – one of the biggest reasons that bike culture and community are really taking over here in Boston. I’ve been here since 2011, and it’s amazing how much things are changing for the better for cyclists. I started biking everywhere in college. I was lucky enough to spend a summer with Climate Summer, a bike-powered summer of grassroots action against climate change. When I moved to Boston, I knew that biking was the best way to get around.”

Jeff says, “I strongly believe that more people would bike if it felt safer, and if they didn’t feel like they had to buy a whole new wardrobe.Now we’ve got lots of events like the Boston Bike Party and city-focused shops like Bicycle Belle. Change is happening, and it’s bike-powered! I got involved with the bike community here more than two years ago because traveling the city by bike made me so happy and free — and I wanted to help more people get out of cars, off the crowded subway, and onto bikes. We’ve already got our first cycletracks taking shape in Boston! I am looking forward to riding an upright PUBLIC bike.”

We at PUBLIC look forward to seeing Jeff riding his new PUBLIC!

PUBLIC + Rudy’s Giveaway Contest

August 15th, 2014

PUBLIC Bikes is teaming up with Rudy’s Barbershop to launch the newest Rudy’s Barbershop location in Bellevue, WA with a pack of custom PUBLIC bikes to demo on-site.

To celebrate the Rudy’s x PUBLIC collaboration we’re giving away a new PUBLIC V7 city bike, valued at $649, along with The Dirty Birdie gift pack from Rudy’s valued at $83.

Entering the contest is easy. Anyone can do it and you’ll maximize your chances of winning by inviting a few of your friends along. Contest ends September 30, 2014.

And the next time you need a haircut, ride your PUBLIC bike to any Rudy’s location in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, or New York and you’ll get 10% off a trim and 15% off any products from Rudy’s if you show them your PUBLIC bike.

Paws & Pedals: Now on Tumblr

August 5th, 2014

Two-wheeled objects and four-legged friends mean a lot to us at PUBLIC, so we’re extremely excited to launch Paws & Pedals, a Tumblr page that celebrates all things dog and bike related.

We’re rolling out photos like the one above, taken recently in our PUBLIC Pooch Photo Shoot at our Hayes Valley Store. That photo was not photo-shopped, by the way. It was taken by SF photographer, Akshay Sawhney and those adorable Pomeranians from left to right are Mika, Chloe and their mom, Nana. We need you and your pooch to make Paws & Pedals as epic as possible.

Send your most quirky and fun, dog + bike photos via email and we’ll post them to Paws & Pedals. At the end of each month the user submitted photo with the most likes will get a special gift and recognition from PUBLIC.

If you’ve got doggy style, Paws & Pedals wants to see it.

Photo Credit: Akshay Sawhney

PUBLIC D8i Contest Winner Andrew Stone

July 15th, 2014


We held a contest recently upon the release of our new PUBLIC D8i and gave away this premium commuter bike loaded with all the bells and whistles. Well friends, we’ve picked our winner.

Drum roll, please.

And the lucky winner of this loaded set of wheels is Andrew Stone of Salt Lake City!

Congrats, Andrew! He joins a growing group of lucky past PUBLIC contest winners, including Lisa, Stan, Manuel, Mark & Lauren.

We asked Andrew to share a bit about himself and here’s what we learned. Andrew moved to Salt Late City in the 90’s and has been bike commuting ever since. The city of Salt Lake has improved greatly over the years he has been riding there, making big strides in accommodating both bike commuters and recreational cyclists.

Andrew not only work commutes daily via bike, but he and his family bike to Farmers Markets, local festivals and events whenever they can. He also runs this website 365 Things To Do in Salt Lake City.

We’re happy our contest winner is already a biking regular and Andrew has assured us winning this bike will take his riding to the next level of style and fun.

A huge thanks to all our participants in this contest and stay tuned for the next PUBLIC giveaway!

Single Speed Contest Winner

February 11th, 2014

To celebrate the launch of our new line of single-speeds, we held a contest in November and gave away three new bikes to one lucky winner: Stan E. from Culver City, CA. He chose blue PUBLIC V1 bikes for himself and his two sons, Jack and Pete, and he sent us some (literally!) fantastic photos of them riding together.

Stan says: “I never win anything… I wanted you to know I’m a true fan of the great Public Bikes brand and now my boys and I own our own. You guys create a remarkable product and accessories and your branding is exceptional as well. Thanks again for delivering a smooth and sleek ride on our new V1 bikes.”

We got such a big kick out of the priceless picture they sent as “the first father and son team to win the Tour de France” that we just had to share it with you.

Win a 3-Night Stay at a Kimpton Hotel

July 19th, 2013

We’re incredibly excited to work with another San Francisco-based company, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, to debut custom Kimpton PUBLIC bikes at all their 60 nationwide boutique hotel properties.

To celebrate we’re giving away a 3-night stay at any Kimpton Hotel.

It’s easy to enter the contest. All you need to do is get your friends to enter the contest by signing up for our newsletter. Deadline to enter is September 30, 2013. Click here for contest details.

You are probably familiar with many of their hotels that exist in many cities across the country. We’re big fans and customers of Kimpton for their shared emphasis on design, high quality food and amenities. We frequently put our guests in their San Francisco properties. Some of our favorite Kimpton properties are the Hotel Monaco in Chicago, the Amara Resort & Spa in Sedona, the Hotel Palomar in San Francisco, and the 70 Park Avenue Hotel in New York. But all of their 60 hotels in 26 cities across the US reflect their commitment to the same high standards and that personal touch of a boutique hotel.

Kimpton has always been considered an industry leader and this program is one further example. They are the first boutique hotel brand with a national presence to offer custom bicycles for hotel guests at every property. You can read the full description of the nationwide Kimpton complimentary bike program here.

The bikes are complimentary for guests’ enjoyment, in keeping with Kimpton’s commitment to health, well-being and sense of fun and adventure. The Kimpton PUBLIC bike will be easy to spot on the street with its custom cherry-red frame with orange and blue accents, cream tires, matching double walled rims, brass bell, and rear basket. The three-speed mixte frame bikes make city riding a fun adventure for novices or expert cyclists alike.

So join the contest, and think about taking a Third Wheel on your next hotel stay at a Kimpton Hotel.

Get two free cocktails for $1. When you book your reservation at any Kimpton Hotel use promo code PUBLIC. For one dollar more than the best available room rate you’ll receive 2 free cocktails per night during your stay. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or packages, and some alternatives may apply based on each individual hotel property. Take advantage of this offer between July 22nd – September 30th, 2013 at Kimpton hotels across the country.

NEW PUBLIC R16 Road Bike – Win One

April 26th, 2013

We are excited to introduce the first ever PUBLIC city road bike. Taking inspiration from classic and vintage steel framed road bikes, the PUBLIC R16 is a stylish 16 speed lightweight bike designed for the modern commuter and weekend recreational rider. We will have the R16 in stock by late May available in three sizes in black, cream, and green. But before we make these available for sale to the general public, we are giving two away to lucky winners. The R16 is priced at $1195 with a special introductory price of $999 this spring.


1. Share the contest with a friend by entering their email address here.

2. Share the contest with your friends on facebook. Get three friends to sign-up and qualify to win.

If you’re already on our email list, then you are automatically entered into the contest. Everyone who enters the contest opts-in to the PUBLIC email list. Deadline to enter is June 1, 2013.

PUBLIC Photo Contest Winners

April 1st, 2013

We celebrated the launch of PUBLIC WORKS with a photo contest. We asked contestants to explore the same theme we asked of our PUBLIC WORKS designers – interpret the concept of "public" with a vision to reclaim urban streets, sidewalks and spaces for walking, biking and other social purposes. Many excellent and provocative photos came in and our team selected favorites. Thanks to all the participants.

 PUBLIC Choice and People's Choice winners won a new PUBLIC bike. We gave out several second place prizes and highlighted honorable mentions. Read on to hear why we selected them with comments from our staff.

PUBLIC Choice Grand Prize Winner
Photo credit: Manuel Acosta

”This is a unique composition that lends itself to a variety of provocative interpretations. Bikes can lead us to unknown destinations like Alice going down the rabbit hole. This photo also makes us think differently about our built environment, and it’s a very elegant black and white study in form and texture.” – Rob from PUBLIC

PUBLIC Choice Second Prize Winner
Photo credit: Ian Tuttle

“Wow. There is so much about this photo that we love. The perspective. The contrast of shadow and hazy yellowish light. The silhouettes of people sharing this public space together, especially the adult holding a child’s hand. And the crack leading to somewhere seemingly far into the distance, but perhaps close by. The crack reminds us of Andy Goldsworthy’s art, like the continuous crack in front of San Francisco’s deYoung Museum.” – Dan from PUBLIC

PUBLIC Choice Second Prize Winner
Photo credit: John Keller

“I did think it interesting the bicyclist had a rooster rather than a bell… It gives a whole new meaning to playing chicken!” – John Keller

“Everyday urban life gets interesting when you throw a rooster on a bike. It reminds us to stay open and playful about the possibilities of how we reclaim our concrete cities. Bikes, chickens, sidewalk cafes, murals, parks and guerilla gardens all contribute to more livable cities that enliven community connections. Keller’s composition sensibilities remind us of Norman Rockwell with a 21st century twist. Ride on rooster.” – Sally from PUBLIC

PUBLIC Choice Second Prize Winner
Photo credit: Erin Scheopner

“Albert Einstein on his bicycle is a recognizable image for bicycle enthusiasts. You can see joy in his smile underneath his famous moustache. It’s common lore that Einstein came up with the theory of relativity while riding a bike. His famous statement, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving” is often quoted. But when you place a familiar image of Einstein on a bright red telephone booth, you instantly have to stop and take notice. Public art enhances our civic life and this particular image makes us think: Albert’s hint: Riding a bike + Telephone Booth = Teletransportation.” – Noelle from PUBLIC

People’s Choice Winner
Photo credit: Ana K. Gracia

PUBLIC Choice Honorable Mention
Photo credit: Eric Fernandez

PUBLIC Choice Honorable Mention
Photo credit: Dustin Goodwin

PUBLIC Choice Honorable Mention
Photo credit: Patrick Beyer

PUBLIC Choice Honorable Mention
Photo credit: Carlo Pellegrini

PUBLIC Choice Honorable Mention
Photo credit: Gareth