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Call For Models

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Can you ride a bike with confidence and a smile? We are looking for a range of models for a Bay Area photo shoot on Monday, July 2 and also for a shoot in August (date TBD). Must live in the Bay Area and be comfortable in front of a camera. If you are interested and have availability between 9:00 am  and 7:00 pm, please send us a full body shot, your height, and 1-2 sentences about why you love bikes. Email models@publicbikes.com.

Compensation will be a $100 merchandise credit, plus coffee, snacks, and good humor during the shoot. This modeling gig is more about coming out for fun than about fame. The photos will be used on our website and possibly in a brochure, poster, or magazine.

SALE: PUBLIC Bikes & Lickable Public Design

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

For one week, we are offering 10% off our most popular bike model, the dutch style PUBLIC C7. The upright riding position and easy on-and-off geometry make this bike a great choice for basic transportation. Enjoy your community a little more from the vantage point of a bike. And feel like a kid again.


A friend of mine gave me a sheet of stamps last week that made me rethink the positive influence government can have in our daily lives. The “Pioneers of American Industrial Design” forever stamps feature some pretty well known designers, like Russel Wright andHenry Dreyfuss, but they also pay tribute to some designers who are not exactly household names, such as Greta von Nessen and Peter Muller-Munk. Who would have thunk it – learning about design by looking at a (not so) common postage stamp? It’s a subtle, lickable education.

Walter Dorwin TeagueThe US Government does not get much support for educating the public in the areas of art and design or related cultural activities. The National Endowment for the ArtsPublic Broadcasting and our National Parks are forced to perpetually justify themselves in their quest for their tiny share of tax dollars. When the government does (or contributes to) something big, like the Vietnam Memorial or great museums like the National Gallery and the Cooper Hewitt, we tend to take it for granted.

These stamps reminded me to think more kindly about our government, and also to send a few more personal letters. They can be a welcome oasis in the hot landscape of modern modes of communication, such as digital newsletters…


VIDEO: Calivintage Rides in PUBLIC

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Calivintage Rides In PUBLIC from Jon Brown on Vimeo.

We’re happy to share this video produced by our friends Calivintage and Jon Brown.

Leap Year Specials and Men in Pink

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

All Helmets 15% Off – This Week Only – End 3/6/12

We just received a shipment of new helmets with bold colors, stripes, sparkles, polka dots, and other patterns that are especially fun for spring. Putting on a new helmet is a little like putting on a new short or pair of shoes- it helps you approach the day with a fresh perspective. Rarely do you find a helmet that manages to be fun while totally and effectively protecting your coconut.

Stay safe, ride in style, and save a few bucks this week.

Local Builders and Champagne Rides at NAHBS This Week

The North American Handmade Bike Show takes place around the country, and this year it’s taking place in Sacramento. You’ll see the finest handmade bikes in the world at this show, and there are always some surprises.

NAHBS Portland 2008 Roller Racing

Four years ago at NAHBS in Portland I went to a fantastic roller racing event sponsored by Rapha and wrote about it for Studio Forbes. I’m not sure if there will anything as intense as this year, but Sheila Moon is hosting a “Mimosa Ride” on Sunday morning, and we’ll be there rolling around Sacramento. There is something for everybody at this show. Join us.

Five New Lickable Bike Colors

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Lickable New Colors

It’s no secret that we are fond of color at PUBLIC. So when color expert Laura Guido Clark deemed our colors “lickable,” we were gratified and the term stuck around here. In the spirit of this gustatory tradition, we’re introducing five brand new colors this month: Salted Caramel, Blueberry, Pistachio, Lemon Drop and Grapefruit.

These names are all pretty obvious except Salted Caramel, which is named for an extremely lickable ice cream flavor from Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco. Many tourists come to San Francisco for the Ghirardelli chocolate. But for many locals, it’s Bi-Rite’s Salted Caramel soft ice cream on 18th street in the Mission that we crave.

Our other new flavors are equally lickable, and any (or all) of these treats will be ready to ship by December 18th. These new colors are done in limited editions on our PUBLIC C7 and PUBLIC V7 bikes. We only have ten of each of these models so if you want a licking, get clicking today. These bikes are $650 and include matching rear racks.

Public C7


We have packaged our favorite quotes in sticker sheets that are fun to apply to bikes and just about everything else. We have divided them into three sets: Hodgepodge, Bikes, and Women that sell for $10 a sheet.  We’re including all three sticker sheets for free when you buy a bike from us.


HOLIDAY PARTY DECEMBER 17th Mark Your Calendar
For local Bay Area friends and fans, we’re planning to host a Holiday Party in South Park on Saturday, December 17th from 11-6:00 pm. Save the date – and follow us on Facebook for details. We hope you’ll stop by for some holiday cheer and some surprises.

New Special Edition Bikes

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

All bikes have their own character and identity, and we’re here to help you find one that fits your personality and style most closely. Like a dating service. Kind of. But once you’ve identified the frame style and size that’s right for you, that doesn’t have to be the end of the process. A few special accessories and details can make a huge difference in your bike’s personality and make you fall in love even more.

I put together seven new PUBLIC models this season. They are designed to create different bicycle personalities and to suit a range of personal styles (and budgets). The special accessories include bamboo fenders from Oregon, leather seats from England, baskets from New Hampshire, and a range of grips, cable housing and racks, all of which make the everyday ride that much more enjoyable. The world feels a little special on a bike that has been dressed up.

If you are simply looking for some new accessories to give your bike a little more personality, we’ve grouped them together in one place on the web. Our accessories are compatible with most city and road bikes.

Order before December 15th to guarantee Christmas delivery.


New for the Holidays

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Here are three new PUBLIC products, just a sampling of what we have in store for holiday gifts. Our new products range from fashionable accessories to practical stocking stuffers for your bike lover, niece, boyfriend, or mom.


Selle Royale Contour Seat
For those seeking a fashionable saddle that is also comfortable, the Selle Royal Contour satisfies both. Hand-made in Italy, Contour’s genuine white leather saddle balances the need for style, comfort, and performance. Here is a fun fact: this saddle adorned Marino Basso’s bike when he won the Giro in ’77 (this is a famous Italian bike racer in a famous Italian race). Selle Royal reintroduced this 1972 Contour design for good reason.


Have you ever tried to find a fashionable rain poncho, one that looks stylish on and off your bike? We found one, the Iva Jean Rain Cape designed by Anne DeOtte from Seattle. The Iva Jean has numerous unique features beyond its water resistant fabric: reflective piping, clever cord and Velcro closure systems, vents to keep you from sweating, and a dozen other features. Since launch, its stylish good looks have made it a feature in Momentum, Seattle Met Magazine, A Cup of Jo, and it even won the Daily Candy Start Small, Go Big 2011 contest.


If you are not a hardcore biker or mechanically inclined you might ask yourself “what is Bio-lube and why do I need it?” Bio-lube is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely biodegradable oil. Putting a few dabs on your bike chain every six months will keep your bike riding like butter. It reduces friction, noise, and keeps your gears especially happy. Plus if you want to impress your handyman friends, this oil can also be used for basic household needs, like a squeaky door hinge. This small bottle works great as a stocking stuffer, especially for bike geeks who know the reputation of Phil Woods & Co. bike components.



Fall Colors & Seasonal Deals

Friday, September 9th, 2011

I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. Alice Walker

When it comes to color, we all have our personal preferences.  For Alice Walker it’s purple. For us it’s more mandarin orange and robin’s egg blue.  Color may be the most expressive element in the toolbox of human choice – only smell elicits a stronger memory response. Our bikes are known for their colors, and this was no accident. Color takes your eye to form and sticks it there. We think that the elegant and minimal form of a classic city bike deserves that attention.

This fall season, we are introducing a range of highly colorful accessories. Fall is a colorful time of year, so this seems appropriate.  Our PUBLIC Panniers will bring a nice splash of color to almost any bike as they fit most racks. Brooks just came out with limited edition color saddles that will compliment and set any bike apart from the pack.  The red Knog lights and locks with our red PUBLIC Federico bell add a great punch of color to any bike. We’ll also have limited edition bikes in new colors later this season before the holidays, but don’t hold your breath for purple.

Dieter Rams Ten Rules for Design

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Dieter Rams 10 Design Commandments

Less and More, The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams just opened at SFMOMA. We attended the show and met Rams who at 80 appears as elegant and timeless as much of his design. The exhibition elevates the stature of one of the great industrial designers of the modern era.  Rams’ importance compares to Achille Castiglioni of Italy or to Charles and Ray Eames of the US.  In the US Rams often flies under the radar, except in connection to a range of Braun kitchen products and a calculator that set the standard for elegant modern design in the 70’s. But hard-core designers have always revered Rams’ body of work, which includes seminal electronics, radio, audio visual, and related industrial design.

Braun ET88 pocket calculator
Compare Rams’ Braun 1958 T3 Pocket Transistor Radio and Apple’s first Ipod and you’ll sense his influence. Or compare Rams’ Braun ET88 pocket calculator to the Apple iphone. Jonathan Ive at Apple may be Rams’ most well known design disciple.

Rams’ design philosophy serves as a great benchmark for PUBLIC bikes. We’ve listed his ten commandments below with some footnotes. We’ve added one more commandment – good design should put a smile on your face.

Dieter Ram's Influence on PUBLIC Bikes

Dieter Rams 10 Design Commandments

1)   Good design is innovative.
Our bikes are not radical pieces of innovation. But we’ve taken the classic bike and made it an integrated system and visual statement including fenders, racks, and baskets.

2) Good design makes a product useful.
What is more useful than a practical everyday bike?

3) Good design is aesthetic.
Good form, color, feel, and simplicity are part of the PUBLIC DNA.

4) Good design makes a product understandable.
Nothing is hidden with our bikes – they are easy to use and understand.

5) Good design is honest.
No tricks or false appearances with our products.

6) Good design is unobtrusive.
We use light steel-frames for the demands of city riding.

7) Good design is long lasting.
We use high quality steel frames and forks and spec components that will endure as long as the aesthetics.

8) Good design is thorough down to the last detail.
We pay close attention to all the components and details.

9) Good design is environmentally friendly.
City bikes help reduce carbon emissions, reduce the number of cars off the streets, and make our communities safer for everyone.

10) Good design is as little design as possible.
There is nothing superfluous or non-essential in the design of our bikes.

We’ll add one for Dieter.

11) Good design should put a smile on your face.
A little color and play can help to bring more people to design and put a smile on many faces.


ModCloth Photo Shoot

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Check out PUBLIC bikes in Modcloth’s current Stylebook featuring “the sweetest of dresses, skirts, and shoes that you’ll want to wear everywhere.”

PUBLIC Bikes ModCloth PhotoShoot

ModCloth Photo Shoot
ModCloth Photo Shoot