April 11th, 2019

Are you taking a moment to celebrate Earth Day this month? Earth Day is coming up on Monday, April 22.

In the same way we here at PUBLIC celebrate love for bicycles, good design, and livable communities, we celebrate Earth all the time when we bicycle to work and around our lovely communities in the Bay Area. The moments that we take to appreciate Earth are infinite, especially when we’re feeling the sun or breeze while riding our PUBLIC bikes.

PUBLIC celebrates design and strives to make cities livable by getting bikes into public spaces. There are a million different reasons to get out there and live your life on a beautiful (PUBLIC) bike, chief among them the as myriad of eco-benefits bicyclists experience.

Here are some fun eco-facts to dazzle the mind and inspire the soul.

Production: The average bike is made of 15 lbs of steel. Compare that to an average 1,800 lbs of steel to make a car! A bike requires less than 1% steel material to manufacture than a car does. The average bike commuter has an estimated 122 sq/m ecological footprint, while a car driver’s ecological footprint rings in at 1,442 sq/m. All the land and resources needed to produce a bike come to .085% the land and resources needed to produce a car. Credit: Treehugger

Energy: According to WorldWatch, bicycles use only 35 calories of energy per passenger mile! Compare with cars (which use 1860 calories), buses (920), rail travel (885) and even walking (100), to see that biking really is the ultimate energy-efficient transportation. Credit: WorldWatch

Space: 6 to 20 bikes can park in a single car parking space in a paved lot. WorldWatch also measures space efficiency: Cars in mixed traffic can accommodate 170 people per hour per one meter-width-equivalent right-of-way, while bikes can accommodate 1500 people. Credit: Planet Green

We bicycle because it gives us a sense of freedom and joy and makes us feel healthier. But it’s nice to know that we’re also leaving a smaller environmental impact whenever we pedal around town. So what are you waiting for?