October 5th, 2018

#DoPublicGood is a project highlighting people or organizations that do good by bike. Each month we’ll be shining a spotlight on those who enrich communities all over through their two-wheeled advocacy. You can read our past #DoPublicGood profiles here.

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*Currently, over $2.3 million raised (and counting)!


This month we’re spotlighting Bicycle Angels, an organization that has made it possible for people across the nation to raise $2.3 million (and counting) towards charities close to their hearts. Bicycle Angels loans road bikes for free to people that want to participate and fundraise for an eligible charity cycling or triathlon event, but don’t have a suitable bike to use, and can’t afford one. The bicycles are loaned to motivated and committed individuals who are passionate about charity fundraising but are not financially capable of owning a bike suitable for endurance cycling.


How did Bicycle Angels begin?

BA:  Bicycle Angels was started by three Team in Training cycle team staff members, in order to help facilitate more fundraising. We found that some first-time endurance cycling participants didn’t have an adequate bike to complete an event, and couldn’t afford one either, or were not ready to make the investment in a road bike of their own. As the idea took hold, we decided that we wanted to branch out to support other charities as well.


How does the program work?

BA:  It’s easy! We have offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City, where you can come check out the bike, sign our paperwork, and get fitted. All you will need is your ID, a valid credit card (which is only charged if the bike is lost or damaged), and proof that you are enrolled in an eligible charity event.

We currently work with 12+ eligible charities, listed on our site, and are always expanding. If you are looking to add a new charity to be included in our bike load program, you can contact us here.  We work with secular, non-political non-profit organizations.

The amount of time the bike is loaned out depends on the length of the event – Riding 30 miles in a triathlon? You’ll get the bike for around 3 months. Riding 100 miles in a century? You’ll get the bike for around 6 months.

We ask that the loaner bikes are returned within two weeks of either completing your event, getting a different bike, or discontinuing your fundraising/training efforts. We need your loaner bike back ASAP so it is available for other fundraising events!


Training ride on bikes from Bicycle Angel!


What is Team Bicycle Angels?

Team Bicycle Angels is a recreational cycling group sponsored by Bicycle Angels. The group is open to all levels of road cyclists. Our Team participates in a variety of fundraising bike events, such as the Tour de Cure for Diabetes, MS Coastal Challenge, and Arthritis Foundation California Coastal Classic.  We also train and ride for fun, friendship, and fitness!  The Team acts as ambassadors to our Bicycle Angels program and provides a pool of volunteers for our needs.

You can follow the Team or contact us on our Team Bicycle Angels Facebook page.


Members of Team Bicycle Angels repping their jerseys on a ride.


Praise for Bicycle Angels

“Bicycle Angels is addressing an important need for our community’s health and wellbeing by making it possible for more people to appreciate the joys and practicality of cycling. We need more angels like Bicycle Angels.” – Jullian Dillon, Director Special Events, American Diabetes Association

“Bicycle Angels is an amazing group. They’ve helped eliminate one of the biggest issues that people have with charity cycling events… having a bike. Several people have participated and raised money for our event that would have been unable to do so. We are so happy to refer our constituents to Bicycle Angels, where we know that they’ll be taken care of. Thank you… for breaking down barriers and helping people help people.” – Amy Dittmore, Development Manager, Bike MS

“Bicycle Angels is tremendous organization with a selfless mission – to enable participants to complete fundraising and training programs for other charities. By providing excellent bikes to six of our team members, Bicycle Angels has allowed them participate in our program, which in turn means that thousands more was raised to help patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. We are honored to work with the Bicycle Angels family and look forward to many more seasons together!” – Rob Baird, Endurance Manager, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America