September 6th, 2018


We understand that local bike shops have long been at the heart of the cycling community. Beyond a bike, you can find knowledgeable staff and group rides with potential new friends. Although we sell our bikes mostly online, we are still a strong member of that community and want to help you be a part of it too!

More than 140 bike shop locations across the country are currently a part of our Partner Store Program. With this program, PUBLIC bikes ordered online from us can sent to your local store and professionally assembled, zero hassle. Our partner store will notify you when you bike is fully assembled and ready for pick up. You will also receive a walk-through and basic fitting upon pick-up.

We are proud to spotlight our partnership with SloHi Coffee + Bike in Denver as part of our Assembly Partners program.


About SloHi Coffee + Bikes

SloHi Coffee + Bikes is a small business located in the Sloan’s Lake – West Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. They are half coffee shop, half bike shop, all in one shared space. They believe that coffee and bike shop culture go hand in hand.

All of their coffee is locally roasted locally in Denver, Colorado by some really awesome roasters. They care about serving quality coffee that supports companies they believe in. The same goes for their bikes.  They only sell bikes they have personally put through the ringer. Although mountain bikers at heart, they are have grown to geek out on all things bike – including commuter, gravel, fitness, cargo, touring, road or bikepacking bike.


About the SloHi Family

They believe in the power of bikes to transform neighborhoods and lives. Their bike family is everyone at the trailhead, commuters who leave their cars behind, kids who are growing up on two wheels, families who spend time outside together, and anyone in West Denver (or beyond!) who wants to make the world a better, happier place. They know that everyone’s bikes are also a part of this big family, which is why they want to provide the best products and services possible for those family members.