September 6th, 2018

#DoPublicGood is a project highlighting people or organizations that do good by bike. Each month we’ll be shining a spotlight on those who enrich communities all over through their two-wheeled advocacy. You can read our past #DoPublicGood profiles here.

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This month, we’re featuring a cancer survivor, Giovanni Doemeny, and his girlfriend, Melanie Luther, who are biking the coast of California to raise money for their holistic wellness business and Testicular Cancer Awareness.


PUBLIC:  Where did this journey start for you?


GIO: I spent the first half of 2018 traveling literally around the globe. I was in a small surf town in Portugal when I noticed some alarming symptoms, and upon my father’s advice, I was on a flight home the following Monday. On Tuesday I was diagnosed with Testicular cancer.

Luckily I received immediate medical treatment and was able to overcome this health battle.

This experience has given me an entirely new perspective; a new appreciation for life! My health and wellness are now a top priority.

I have created Ikigai Global Wellness, a holistic wellness community with the mission to inform, inspire, and empower those in our community to live our healthiest and most fulfilling lives, and to redefine conventional perceptions of success.


PUBLIC:  Tell us more about the Bay2Border Bike Ride and its goal.


MEL:  Gio and I are biking from San Francisco to the border of Mexico on Sept 10 – Sept 25 to raise funding and awareness for our startup and testicular cancer non-profits. The goal is to raise $10,000 with 10% of funds going to established testicular cancer non-profits and the remainder will go towards developing educational content and online classes for Ikigai Global Wellness.



PUBLIC:  What kind of content can be found at Ikigai Global Wellness?


GIO: is an online resource for holistic wellness. We are working on developing our content to educate and inspire our community on health, happiness, meaning, and success. With the funding raised during this initiative, we hope to also develop comprehensive online courses.

The long-term vision of Ikigai Global Wellness is to be an online leader in holistic wellness; create an international network of health practitioners, coaches, and experts; and open wellness centers all over the globe!



PUBLIC:  How can people get involved and follow you along on your journey?


MEL: We will be giving live updates throughout our bike ride on our Instagram @ikigaiglobalwellness

You can join our facebook community here:

You can learn more about this initiative through our website:

And support our cause through our crowdfunding campaign: