May 25th, 2018

Our Commuter Diaries series is written by Anita Vandyke. Anita runs a successful Instagram account (@rocket_science) about zero waste living. She is currently writing her first book A Zero Waste Lifestyle: a thirty day guide to be published in July 2018. For more information about the author please visit

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Dear Commuter Diary,

I have to be honest, I never enjoyed my daily commute to work. It’s always seems like just a means to an end, not a journey that would spark joy. However, after a week of riding with my new PUBLIC bike, I am thrilled to say that my journey to work is one that I now love!


Tips and tricks on how to enjoy your commute to work:


1. Work it out


Riding my bike to work is a great work out, I get fresh air and exercise and it is a great form of active transport! Trust me, you’ll get buns of steel after climbing the hills of the San Francisco. The easiest way to make your commute easier is to get a multi-speed bike. My bike is the seven speed PUBLIC C7 Bike.


2. Wear a helmet


Dorky looking helmets is something I feared for a long time, but helmets are an important safety measure, especially for road riding. Choosing a stylish helmet makes the journey more fun!


3. Keep hydrated


I love that PUBLIC bikes have fun accessories which can store all your necessities such as your water bottle. Make sure you have one with you to keep hydrated. Staying hydrated will help you keep up the momentum throughout the day (plus, it’s great for your skin)!


4. Carry what you need


One of the great things about having a bike with a detachable basket is that I can carry what I need throughout a work day without looking like a pack horse! Save your shoulders and use your bike to store your backpack and other goodies! The detachable wire basket means I can just remove the basket and carry the whole thing into my work! So easy! It’s my favorite accessory in the PUBLIC range.


5. Choose a bike that suits your style


I love that I can wear dresses, blazers and coats with my step through PUBLIC bike. This step-through frame means that I don’t have to compromise my style for functionality – I can have both! I can look stylish, wear what I want and get to work still looking fresh. Also, the bike is based on Dutch design and looks super stylish! It suits my work and weekend aesthetic!



My PUBLIC bike has totally transformed my daily commute. I love that it looks so timelessly stylish and is a bike I can proudly show off for work or for the weekend! I get plenty of exercise, avoid traffic and I can carry all my needs for the day. Why didn’t I get a PUBLIC bike earlier?! This bike has totally transformed my daily commute, why not test one out today and see how great it is for yourself!