May 18th, 2018

Our Commuter Diaries series is written by Anita Vandyke. Anita runs a successful Instagram account (@rocket_science) about zero waste living. She is currently writing her first book A Zero Waste Lifestyle: a thirty day guide to be published in July 2018. For more information about the author please visit

PUBLIC Bikes has a range of bikes for every rider, but how do you know which bike is the right one for you? Through this blog post, I want to show you how I picked the right bike and the appropriate accessories for my needs by asking myself three simple questions.


1. Where will you ride the bike?


This is the most important question. Will you be riding your bike just on the weekends? For your daily commute? Will you ride just on local roads or on highways? These questions will determine the type of PUBLIC bike that is best for you. For my bike, I’ll be using it to ride the hills of San Francisco as part of my daily commute. It’ll be my primary mode of transport. So, I needed a bike that was sturdy, and suitable for a range of terrains. This meant I needed a bike with different gear levels, so I could climb those hills with ease and grace! I chose the Step Through C7 bike which has seven speeds and easy step-through frame which is perfect for when I wear dresses to work or to a special event.


photo by Joi Ong



2. What will you bring along with you?


My PUBLIC bike will be my primary mode of transport, so I’ll be using it carry my backpack to work and using it do my zero waste grocery shopping at farmer’s markets and the bulk store. This mean I had to choose accessories that were suitable for my daily needs.

I chose the PUBLIC Rear Bike Rack which I can easily attach a basket, a pannier bag or other accessories.

I also the detachable PUBLIC Metal Bike Basket. This basket is an absolute game-changer and perfect for grocery shopping. You simply remove it from the bike and pop your groceries in and then once you’re done, it easily attaches onto the rear bike rack! Genius!


These handy attachments make it the perfect bike for my everyday needs!


3. What accessories do you need?


Remember, safety is of utmost importance! Make sure you deck out your new bike with the right lights, a bell and wear a helmet when you ride!

I chose the BikeSmart Wally USB Headlight, which is lightweight and easy to charge.

I also chose this extremely cute PUBLIC Brass Bicycle Bell, which is a great safety feature but also looks super stylish.

The streets of San Francisco are notorious for stolen bikes, so I made sure I bought a sturdy lock to ensure my prized bike is protected. The store associates helped me pick out the ABUS Ultra 410 Mini U-Lock.


photo by Joi Ong


Finally, don’t forget to buy a bike helmet for riding on the roads, it’s a key safety feature for any bike rider!


My PUBLIC bike is more than just a commuter bike, it’s a bike that is practical, stylish, comfortable and suits my daily needs. Also, for those who aren’t technically minded, PUBLIC Bikes provides a full-service, where you can have the bike assembled for you and you can pick it up from your local supplier! The service from start to finish was seamless, most importantly, the bike is a quality product which I know will last for years to come. I can’t wait to take the bike out for my first commuter ride!!