October 18th, 2017

We’ve taken our popular, single-speed, diamond-frame PUBLIC V1 and sleeked it up to create the lightest weight PUBLIC bike to date, the new PUBLIC V-Lite.

The PUBLIC V-Lite comes in Deep Navy, Sage, and Deep Pink colors. This bike is available for pre-order now and will be ready to ship to customers during the first week of November.

For this no-frills commuter bike we swapped in a lighter-weight saddle and handlebars and nixed the fender, chain guard and kickstand altogether. This bike is perfect for riding on mostly flat or moderate terrain and if you need to carry a bike up a flight of stairs.

The PUBLIC V-Lite might be our nothing-but-the-basics commuter bike, but it still sports the same high-quality, low-maintenance single-speed drive train that’s built to withstand the daily grind.

Puncture-resistant commuter bike tires deliver our signature smooth ride, even on rough city streets, and strong dual-pivot caliper brakes let you ride hard and stop on a dime in any traffic jam.

You also won’t find a simpler delivery option than our Assembly Partner program that delivers a fully built and mechanic-tuned bike to a shop near you at no additional cost, zero hassle. You’ll be out riding in minutes.

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