May 9th, 2017

Since 2013, PUBLIC has been proud to work with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants to provide fleets of custom PUBLIC bikes for Kimpton’s 64 boutique hotels in 33 cities around the world. Every Kimpton hotel guest can use a custom PUBLIC bike for free to explore surrounding neighborhoods.

We worked closely with Kimpton Hotel Born in Denver on a handful of special custom bikes to elevate their unique design sophistication.

We partnered with Denver-based marketing, strategy and design firm Ellen Bruss Design on these customized Kimpton Hotel Born bikes. The Born hotel bikes are based on PUBLIC’s popular 7-speed commuter bike PUBLIC V7.

We’re really proud of this collaboration and excited to share a few photos of the final products.

About the Kimpton Hotel Born collaboration, Creative Director Ellen Bruss said, “When we started working on the brand, one of the first expressions of it was a custom bike using the plaid that is part of the design palette. At that point, we didn’t know if we could do a custom bike. PUBLIC made the dream become a reality. We hadn’t ever worked on a custom bike before. The PUBLIC team was very helpful with explaining what we could do and what we couldn’t do. They guided us on how much to wrap, since wear and tear are a big issue. They also helped figure out ways we could push the boundaries. They customized the cables and stripes to fit our design, and they took on the charge of having a custom Hotel Born name plate fabricated for the front of the basket.”

Bruss continued: “As far as the EBD design process goes, it began with picking the right bike for the audience and also finding one that the base colors were something we could match our palette to. The wrap crossovers were a challenge since the plaid pattern is complicated. And getting the scale right was important so we did numerous versions of that. We couldn’t have done it without a really collaborative, can-do PUBLIC team.”

Most of PUBLIC’s customers are individuals happily riding their PUBLIC bikes, but we love working with companies and organizations on corporate fleet bikes or custom fleet bikes. We’ve worked with companies ranging from Clif Bar, SF Shipyard and Bay Meadows, and many other corporate customers.

Let us know if you’d like to work with us on fleet bikes for your company or organization.

When you visit Kimpton Born Hotel, as Ellen Bruss noted, “the customized bikes will be front and center, one of the first brand expressions you’ll see when you get to the hotel. Guests will be able to use them to go out and explore the neighborhood.”