April 1st, 2017

april fools public safety bubble ball

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to worry about the dangers of cars passing you too closely or car doors opening up into your lane while riding your bike. Well, imagine no more.

This dream is now a reality thanks to our new PUBLIC Bubble, otherwise known as Pubble.

april fools public safety bubble ball pubble

Pubble is designed to protect you from preventable injuries due to lack of vision by city officials to invest in infrastructure to make bicycling more accessible and safer. Researchers at Trump University found that the durability and stiffness of the Pubble is “just terrific” and “tremendous in every way.” Their conclusion found that Pubble reduced the risk of injury tenfold – better than any helmet but not as effective as green separated bike lanes.

april fools public safety bubble ball pubble

The Pubble is truly a category leader in the Next Generation Prophylactic space, keeping you safe from unwanted contact with pavement, cars, or even people who might otherwise be attracted to you. Always inflated, the air-o-dynamic Pubble is crafted of incredibly strong “wonder” fabric that simultaneously adjusts the level of breathability and warmth based on its surroundings.

The fabric membranes will open up to allow surplus warmth to exit when you are vigorously biking and will close when you are just cruising. Thus, when wearing it, if you want to hop off your bike at any time and join in a vigorous game of Bubble Ball or just roll around to your heart’s content, rest assured you won’t overheat.

april fools public safety bubble pubble

The ergonomic design of the Pubble allows for a wide range for motion. You will never feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic. The interior cavity of the Pubble is large enough for ample movement and includes ingenious pockets for you to keep your valuables and snacks close by. Think of Pubble as your inflatable safety vest. And when you’re riding your bike wearing a San Francisco Giants hat to Dodgers stadium, or vice versa, you’ll feel extra protection too.

april fools public safety bubble ball pubble

Since we only plan to produce a few hundred Pubbles, and we imagine that the folks in Montana might be especially anxious to scoop them up (because this Montana elected official is ignorant), make sure you preorder yours starting on April Fools Day for only $89. Last year’s PUBLIC Unicycle sold out in just a few days!

And for an extra $20, you can add a Fishbowl design to your Pubble.

april fools public safety bubble ball pubble

Also stay tuned for the our patented Kids’ version coming soon!

april fools public safety bubble ball pubble

Don’t forget to check out all our commuter bikes and city bikes that are compatible with the Pubble. Remember…When you Bike In A Bubble & You’re In Trouble, You Can Count On Pubble.

25 Responses to “Introducing Our Revolutionary Pubble”

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Stay tuned, Paul. We hope to launch the tandem version around Valentine’s Day 2018.

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Yes! Unlike all other FAKE NEWS the Pubble is backed by 100% authentic scientific research by the smartest people in the universe and is proven to make biking great again.

  1. Alex Morris

    I wear one when I am not riding my bike, their great in crowed rooms full of porcupines!

  2. Wren Harper

    Every member of Congress needs one! Maybe Vladimir would like to order one for each of his Trolls!

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Hi Wren, yes, all of Congress should have a Pubble. Safety first!

  3. Juls

    Will this protect me against railings of my right wing leaning in-laws?

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Hi Juls, Unfortunately the Department Of Certification Protection Against Right Wing Leaning In-Laws was defunded. We can’t promise anything. But maybe if all your friends purchase the Pubble you’ll have safety in numbers.

  4. Cindy F.

    I’ve already produced these. They’re selling on Mars as fast as skyrockets. I’m suing PUBLIC for copyright theft but not until April 1, 2911.

  5. Kim Roberts

    I’II take two. They will go well with my Dragon Fire car repellent. K. Roberts, President of the Oklahoma Dragon Breeders Association .

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Excellent! We never thought of that usage for them!

  6. Caren

    well…. I read to nearly the end before it dawned on me that I’d been April fooled! way to go Public 🙂

  7. Don P.

    Absolutely essential for bike riders in a country that has developed severe balance disorders. Saw this just before bedtime. Made my day!

  8. Maura

    I’m from an Orange State. Please consider making the Pubble in colors to match our beloved Public bicycles. All of my accessories including rack, bike bell, and basket are orange (not to mention my fabulous orange spandex bike-wear)so this is a must. I like that they are translucent so what we wear and who we are simply wont be missed. Go Orange!

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Hi Maura, great feedback. We’ve got a few colors in R&D. I don’t have specifics, but I’ll put in a good word for Orange on your behalf!

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Hi Kathleen, yes! The proprietary “wonder” fabric of the Pubble adjusts to accommodate all.

  9. Sophia

    I clicked on this at work on Monday…great April Fool’s joke but I’d probably buy it if I’m being honest.