March 16th, 2017

Written by Lauren Pezzullo

You’re a bicyclist, so you know the sight of a jumbled tangle of bikes all too well. Whether you live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment or a spacious house in the suburbs, you still want a bike storage solution that leaves as much room as possible—but one that’s also functional, and easy to get in and out. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most creative and efficient bike storage options. Some are available to purchase, and some are a relatively simple DIY, so no matter what your budget or skill level, you’ll be able to find your bike’s perfect new home.


creative bike storage

If you’re not handy with power tools, or even if you’d just prefer to leave the screws and bolts to the pros, we totally get it. And you’re in luck, because the Michelangelo 2 Bike Gravity Storage Rack is here to your rescue. The ultimate in sleek design and efficiency, this two-bike stand makes the most of vertical space by stacking bikes in the most compact way. It’s perfect for small spaces (crowded family home? roommates?), and the curves of this sturdy steel-tubed stand are Scandinavian-chic, so it’ll look right at home next to your BILLY bookshelf. Plus, you don’t have to drill holes on your wall—just lean it against the wall and leave the rest to gravity.


creative bike storage

Image via Buzzfeed

Your bike is your baby, and you want to show it off in the most eye-catching way possible, right? That’s why this custom-made DIY tutorial is perfect for you. Using a handsaw, cut a series of solid wooden triangles, according to the measurements here. Measure, drill, and cut out a smaller triangle shape within your first triangles. Stack your new hollowed-out triangles together, affix with wood glue, and clamp to dry. Add brackets, hang on the wall—close to a window, so that sunlight will illuminate it like a spotlight—and step back to admire your masterpiece. Our favorite part about this one is how the hollowed-out triangle functions as a cubby hole, perfect for stashing your lock or riding gloves.



creative bike storage

Image via Mini Penny Blog.

Move over, taxidermy, we bikers have come to take all your trophy racks! But seriously, what a simple and stylish way to mount your favorite specimen. Thanks to this easy and handy tutorial, you can hang your bike flush against the wall—no more ducking the wheels overhead!—for a decent price at your local hardware store.



creative bike storage

Image via Instructables.

This one’s certainly not the prettiest of the lot, but it does the job well. If you’re on a budget—or eco-minded—round up some scrap wood for this simple tutorial. By constructing an I-shaped wedge stand, you’ve got a custom-fit standing rack to slide your front wheel into. Since it’s not a hanging rack, this one is best for those who have a little room to spare. It’s also easy and cheap—or free.

Now what are you waiting for—crank up the speed on your DIY project or bike-rack purchase, and get back out on the road to ride!

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