January 9th, 2017

Nerdcore rap + PUBLIC bikes? An unlikely partnership it may seem, but we promise you’ll crack a smile after listening to this rap song MC Lars wrote for us, inspired by our Limited Edition bike colors named after precious minerals: Moonstone V7, Black Amethyst C7, Red Gold C1, Cobalt V1 and Gold Dust C7. The upbeat tone and clever lyrics capture the fun of bike riding and the spirit of PUBLIC, and we feel sure giving it a listen will brighten your day.

Illustrations are by Roman Muradov, whose work you may have seen in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Paris Review.

nerdcore rap MC Lars

Photo Credit: Nicole Mago

We caught up with MC Lars while he was on tour, to learn about him and his inspiration for the song.

PUBLIC: Who is MC Lars?

MC Lars I am an indie rapper from Oakland currently living in Brooklyn.  I make songs about everything from Edgar Allan Poe, to robots, to zombie dinosaurs.

PUBLIC: We’re guessing many folks don’t know what nerdcore rap is. Could you describe it to the unfamiliar?

MC Lars It’s a term invented by MC Frontalot to describe fandom-inspired rap, often made at home on laptops and DIY studios.  Topics include Lord of the Rings, Nintendo games, and in my case, literature.

PUBLIC: What inspired you to write the song, “Me And My Bike”?

MC Lars When I’m not on tour, it’s so nice to be free and get around on a bike.  It saves you money on gas and parking is easy.  I want to give PUBLIC a shout out for the great work they are doing!

PUBLIC: What does the bicycle represent for you?

MC Lars The future of intelligent transportation!  Always wear a helmet too, because biking helps you stay in shape and it’s important to take care of your body and brain!

PUBLIC: Describe your perfect day on a bicycle?

MC Lars Riding up Mount Tam or down Highway 1 in Pacifica!  Getting away from everything and turning off your phone.  So perfect and amazing.

PUBLIC: What’s next for you?

MC Lars Working on an album and March tour with Mega Ran.  He’s awesome! Check out his music and thanks again for PUBLIC for inviting me to write this song for you.

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One Response to “Me & My Bike – Nerdcore Rap Song By MC Lars”

  1. Carlos

    Nice! I used to play with MC Lars way back in the day at Stanford (Class of 2006). Great to see him still at it, plus for a good cause and a cool company!