November 22nd, 2016


In a post-election blog post, we asked “Where is the Love?”

The answer can be found in everyday people whose work helps others or whose lives are inspirations for the simple joys of living or the dignity of hard work.

Here are a few people on bikes who inspired us when we heard their stories. Some of these stories are a few years old, but they are a testament to the power of the bicycle and their inspirational stories endure.

Elena Galvez

Even self-avowed bike enthusiasts often back out of their daily two-wheel commutes when they’re feeling tired or lazy. That’s not an option for Elena Galvez, who has commuted by bike for over four decades. Galvez wouldn’t think of abandoning her commuter bike; she refers to it as her companion. She believes that biking is the secret to a long and happy life, and at 90 years old, she clearly knows what she’s talking about!

Monica Busby

Getting back on a bike after recovering from cancer is no easy task, but riding across the country is another thing altogether. Monica Busby decided to do her part for the homeless population by riding from New Jersey to Oregon in support of the Fuller Foundation. Busby believes that she survived cancer for a reason — to bring hope to those with nowhere to call home.

Carl Georg Rasmussen

Carl Georg Rasmussen is no ordinary biker. He’s been racking up thousands of miles per year on his city bike for a long, long time, and at over 80, he shows no signs of quitting. Before he made a name for himself as an octogenarian biker, he built the revolutionary Leitra, a three-wheeled velomobile designed to provide comfort above and beyond what a typical urban bike can deliver. Whether he’s toying with Leitra designs or exploring the world by bike, his zest for life is even more evident now than it was when his velomobile first took the world by storm.