November 22nd, 2016

#DoPublicGood is a project highlighting people or organizations that do good by bike. Each month we’ll be shining a spotlight on those who enrich their community through their two-wheeled advocacy. After launching this project, we received several recommendations of other groups doing good in the world by bicycle. Here are their stories.

If you have a nominee for #DoPublicGood, please let us know in the comments and if selected, we’ll send you both a PUBLIC gift certificate.

Cycling Without Age


Bicycles are great, but many older citizens don’t have the strength or stamina to ride. Copenhagen’s Ole Kassow of Cycling Without Age saw an opportunity. In 2012, he broke out a trishaw and began giving free rides to nursing home residents. It gives them a chance to converse, tell stories and share their lives. His program has grown into an international organization with affiliates in dozens of countries.

World Bicycle Relief


Can bicycle riding help lead to prosperity and economic relief? World Bicycle Relief provides locally made, specially created bicycles to entrepreneurs, students and medical workers all across Africa. The recipients can study to own, or work to own, their bicycle. Over time, they’ve built a thorough infrastructure of mechanics and repair facilities. Since 2005, the program has grown — in 2014 more than 50,000 bikes were distributed.

Denver Food Rescue


Did you know that more than 30 to 50 percent of edible food is wasted in the United States every day? Yet many people don’t get fresh fruits and vegetable needed to keep them healthy. Denver Food Rescue uses bikes to take food from grocers and farmer markets to No Cost Grocery Programs. Bicycles allow them to redistribute healthy food that otherwise gets wasted to needy folks in hard-to-access neighborhoods and towns.

Waterside Workshops

Marsalis Johnson, center, a former intern and now mechanic, assists a customer at Street Level Cycles a part of Waterside Workshops in Berkeley, California, February 20, 2015.

At Waterside Workshops, they wanted to help develop happy, productive youth, encourage healthy living and promote positive social change in the Bay Area. To meet these goals, they began offering classes, job training, and places for local youth to relax and get involved in fun activities. They provide a full city bike shop and repair area to the community — staffed by adult artists, teachers and mechanics, as well as local youth, learning side by side and building community.

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