August 3rd, 2016

Shoka Bell

At PUBLIC, we love products that marry beautiful design with straight-forward functionality to make our lives easier on bicycles.

This is why we’re excited about the Shoka Bell – a bell that improves safety, navigation, security, and visibility. The Shoka team has designed an impressive, multi-functional bell that we think our PUBLIC customers will want.

In the words of our friends from Shoka, the Shoka Bell “combines a navigation system, front light, security alarm and bell into a single unit that can be mounted on a handlebar. Simply connect the bell to a smartphone via bluetooth and enter a destination, Shoka Bell will guide you to your destination with clear turn by turn directions and chooses the safest route every time.

“Shoka Bell features eight sounds, controlled by the intuitive joystick, for every bike ride. Honk for a car, a polite ding for pedestrians, or even record your own message. There is an automatic volume control that adjusts the ringtone volume to the surrounding noise so you can always be heard. Through the app custom ringtones can be created and even more sounds are available to download for free.”

Shoka light

As avid city riders, we know that one of the most important accessories is a bicycle bell for safety in communicating with others about your presence. Also many of us use our smartphones to help navigate our city streets when riding our bicycles around town.

A front light for nighttime visibility is essential. And if someone attempts to move your bike without your permission, wouldn’t you want to be alerted?

Shoka theft alert

The Shoka Bell offers so many feature benefits wrapped into one small handlebar mounted device.

The sample Shoka Bells have already received numerous innovation awards, but the team needs our help to support manufacturing, tooling, software development, and other key milestones.

We encourage you to take a close look at the Shoka Bell and consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign to fund Shoka’s initial production.

Shoka colours