June 9th, 2016

best bike gear roundup for biking dads fathers day
As much as we love our fathers, let’s admit it—occasionally, they wear embarrassing things and use questionable biking gear. To reconcile the men that we love with the way they deserve to look, feel, and bike around town, we’ve compiled the 10 best bike gear gifts for biking dads. This Father’s Day, send your dad pedaling down the street in style—no cringing required.
best bike gift trinity bicycle helmet
1. To avoid the cost factor inherent in some sporty, ventilated helmets, the Giro Trinity Road Helmet offers a sleek alternative in black or titanium. These dark tones make the head look streamlined. With an in-mold shell, your dad will be protected against the open road.

2. For the dad who appreciates a fine piece of craftsmanship, the handcrafted Spurcycle Black Bell makes a sound much larger than it looks. Designed to fit any handlebar and crafted out of premium brass and steel, this stunning bell should please any design aficionado.  

best bike gear cycle hand pump

3. Traveling cyclists will appreciate the Crank Brothers Sterling Short Pump with Gauge. Unlike most mini pumps, this compact device comes with a pressure gauge. That way, when your father is far down the open road, he won’t have to worry about overinflating and popping his own tires.

best bike gear ortlieb pannier bicycle bag

4. Many bicycle lovers often dream of and save up for their ideal pair of panniers. You might make your dad’s day with the Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Waterproof Panniers, which would enable him to go camping with 40 liters of packing space. The durable, waterproof fabric will ensure all his gear stays safe in even the most rugged terrain.

best bike gear bicycle multi-tool

5. Put your mind at ease knowing that your dad can handle any setback on the road with the Crank Brothers Multi Tool 10. This strong “Swiss Army knife” for bikers should tackle most mechanical issues along the way.

best bike gear fortified bicycle theft proof light set

6. If Dad’s forgetful (and, well, who among us an hasn’t neglected to take their lights off their bike and had them swiped?) then this is the light set for him. The Fortified Theft Proof Aviator Headlight & Afterburner Taillight Set can be locked to a bike with an allen key. Weather-proof and lightweight, these lights can be ignored—until your dad needs them.

best bike gear brooks bicycle leather saddle

7. For the father who could use an upgraded seat, the Brooks B17 Bike Saddle will stay with him for years. As he breaks in the leather and it becomes more comfortable, he’ll always think of you when he takes off on a cushy trip.

best bike gear coffee cup bicycle bottle holder

8. The dad who loves both coffee and biking will adore the PUBLIC Trieste Coffee Cup Holder. Now, he can travel along with his favorite cup of java—or taste something new on a spur-of-the-moment adventure. No special mug required and works great for both hot and cold beverages.

best bike gear smartphone handlebar bicycle holder

9. For the dad who isn’t ashamed to ask for directions, the Nite Ize HandleBand Smartphone Holder will allow him to securely hold his phone against his handlebars. As he follows his route on a map, he can continue to touch and use his phone with the open design of this case. Special dad bonus: The aluminum backing contains a bottle opener.

best bike gear république special edition roadster bike

10. To all-out splurge on your dad, buy him a brand new bike! The PUBLIC V7 Special Edition Bike, The Republique. It’s a gorgeous roadster outfitted with the premium Brooks B17 Leather Saddle and PUBLIC Porteur Front Rack. Upgrades that might even inspire an out-of-practice cyclist to get back in the saddle again.  

2 Responses to “10 Best Bike Gear Gifts For Dad”

  1. Zoe

    hey guys, great list!
    Definitely getting my Dad the handlebar smartphone holder, he needs this for self preservation! We went riding last month and he completely stacked it on the kerb while messing with his phone looking for a way out of the lanes system.

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Hi Zoe, cool! Glad you found this roundup helpful! Happy riding to you and your dad!