June 14th, 2016

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

Ever heard of “adventure hoteling”? If not, we’d like to introduce you to one of the places we’re most excited to visit this summer, Caravan Outpost in Ojai, CA. It’s an “adventure hotel” experience with all the amenities you’d get from a 5-star hotel, without any of the pretense. Just a restful, well-curated environment with thoughtful touches to make your vacation unique. Their motto “No Room and Bored” and their colorful, eclectic Instagram account will make you add this spot to your travel bucket list, stat.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

Plus, you’ll be able to ride PUBLIC bikes during your stay at Caravan Outpost. Riding around Ojai is just one of the many ways Caravan Outpost makes “Make Magic Moments” for its guests. Continue reading for our interview that includes all the details on this special place.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

What’s the vision for Caravan Outpost and who are the people behind Caravan Outpost?

The Caravan Outpost mission is really simple; Make Magic Moments for the people who come here.

Think of Caravan Outpost as a handcrafted adventure hotel. We’re easy to book and stay, like a traditional hotel, but you’re not going to have a traditional hotel experience here. We call that our ‘No Room and Bored’ policy. At Caravan Outpost we have PUBLIC bikes, the fire-pit, our vintage tin shed lobby, Surf lessons, Yoga, Hiking, Pop up dinners and events – many other things to do. We work hard at guest experience, because even in the early stages of the business, the people who are coming here are creative and eclectic – they want more. Our guests are starving for an authentic lodging experience and want to taste something different in travel. If the average hotel is fast food, we’re geared more like a farm-to-table place to treat like your own home. Better ingredients make a better travel experience.

Who’s behind our company? First and foremost, the community who is helping us create it. One of our maxims is that the ‘Guest is the star’. Our investors and clientele are film industry types, artists, musicians, designers, chefs and professional athletes who want to extend a certain lifestyle and point of view into travel. The founding group is some of the leading people in the Outdoor and Fashion business, joined with one of the oldest and most community centered families in Ojai.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

When is Caravan Outpost open to the public? What can people expect when they stay at Caravan Outpost?

The gates crack open on the place July 1. What you can expect is a great Airstream to stay in, cool people and warm weather. Our lobby area has all the traditional expectations of a hotel – WIFI, Organic pastries and great coffee in a community gathering space. A secondary expectation is simply that you will connect into our community – and find like-minded people who share your passion for art, music, food and the outdoors as a frame around your life experience.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

What makes Caravan Outpost a special place and guest experience?

People, Products and Plants. We have amenities, clean bedrooms and all the things you would expect at any hotel – that’s not the hard part. The hard part is getting a good audience of authentic and artistic people to the same place and sharing something special with them. We offer personal care, attention to the details that matter to you and a place for you to get that feeling of a perfect day in Ojai – however you want to define that. Additionally, we make a really great looking apparel line that is augmented with vintage and Maker driven products. It’s a totally different spin on travel and apparel, but we’ve had visits from Italian Vogue, One Kings Lane, Escape Brooklyn, etc and these people are buying and loving the product side of our brand – and the hotel piece. Last, but certainly not least, the entire Caravan Outpost environment is a gorgeously appointed Botanical Garden, right in the middle of downtown Ojai. We have thousands of plants, several palms and exotic plant rarities for people to see, experience and learn about. One of our founders is a plant expert, and you can immediately see that special influence at the Outpost.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

For someone who has never stayed in an Airstream, why should they consider Caravan Outpost for a relaxing, destination trip? Why stay in an Airstream over other options?

Why do anything different? Why not accept the status quo and do things the same old way? Being unique is a choice that our guests have already made – we’re just enabling a piece of who they already are, by bringing them a unique place to gather. We love Airstreams and think they are a fantastically comfortable, iconic space to live and stay in – but Caravan Outpost is not about Airstreams, it’s about the people who gather and enjoy our space.

Why Ojai and your specific location?

Ojai is our initial location, because we are rooted in the local community here and believe it to be a very special place. It’s so easy to create magic in this town, because so many good and wonderful people are already walking the streets, celebrating all the city has to offer. We believe Ojai is the American Mediterranean, and that no one is really telling that story of climate, food, wine and life in a unique valley that has a one-of-a-kind vibe to it. The history of Ojai has long been as a getaway from Hollywood and LA for the famous. One day in town and you get why people come here to center-up and find peace. Another key component is the sun. We are working our way to the most sustainable business we can create and solar is a big part of the picture. We’re not 100% off the grid, but we do have several Airstreams running on solar, skylights in restrooms, bathrooms and storage areas. Our partner Goal Zero has provided some amazing and compact solar panel products for our guest to demo, which is a baby step – but we’re working our way to being as solar powered as is possible.

adventure hoteling caravan outpost public bikes

Why are you offering PUBLIC bikes at Caravan Outpost?

The answer goes back to our star – the guests at Caravan Outpost. There is no way we are putting our guests on anything other than what we believe are beautifully built bikes. PUBLIC and Caravan Outpost are such a good fit because we are both design driven – and both are created for people who appreciate a considered product. Public bikes have been a hit from the second we opened the boxes and the biggest problem we have right now is that we don’t have enough of them!