April 1st, 2016

PUBLIC U1 Unicycle

Ever since we launched PUBLIC over five years ago, customers have asked us: When are you going to design and produce a PUBLIC unicycle?

At PUBLIC, we think bicycles are the most efficient form of transportation. And the unicycle, in our humble opinion, is truly Mass Transit For One.

No longer simply the transportation mode of choice for street performers and circus acts, the unicycle is becoming more commonplace in cities around the world. While hoverboards are gaining all the latest headlines, the unicycle is quietly re-emerging as a retro-alternative.

PUBLIC U1 Unicycle

Our PUBLIC U1 Unicycle features a steel fork-style frame, matching painted rims, leather Brooks saddle, alloy seatpost, integrated kickstand, and high-performance cranks. We’re offering our unicycle in our signature Red, Orange, and British Racing Green colors.

And each unicycle comes with our PUBLIC Trieste Coffee Cup Holder so you can ride highly caffeinated while showing off your awe-inspiring balancing skills.

Since we only plan to produce a few hundred PUBLIC U1 Unicycles, we encourage you to pre-order now for only $99. They will be available to ship one year from now on April Fools’ Day 2017.

If you’re one of the first 25 customers pre-ordering our PUBLIC U1 Unicycle, we’ll also throw in special limited edition PUBLIC colored juggling balls and a multi-purpose clown suit for your daily commute or street performance.

Click here to pre-order your PUBLIC U1 Unicycle now. And if our unicycle doesn’t fit your riding needs, make sure to check out all our other PUBLIC bikes.

As we like to say about the PUBLIC U1 Unicycle, “It’s half the wheels and twice the fun!”

6 Responses to “Introducing The PUBLIC U1 Unicycle”

  1. Doug Diboll

    Wait a second, Dan Nguyen-Tan told me I could get two for the price of one since I have to wait a year for delivery. He also stated that I could get the 24″ wheel version for that price. Thanks very much! Can’t wait to balance on those Brooks saddles!

  2. Juan Pablo Romero

    Bah, I was genuinely excited for like 10 seconds!

  3. BK

    I could imagine all the students who would opt for a Unicycle to get around our college campus!

    • Nicole Faraclas

      😉 That’s a good point. The PUBLIC U1 would be a great way to get around a college campus.

  4. Chris

    Oh man! That’s not fair. I probably would have ordered one! Well, not with that type of seat because you’d fall right off. But, having ridden one as a teenage, I would have loved to see a Public Uni. Although, you’d be better off swapping out the Trieste coffee holder which would burn your inner calves for a phone mount. 🙂

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Ha! A phone mount. Genius. Maybe PUBLIC U1 2.0 will have that amenity!