April 7th, 2016

public rider profile
Through insightful Facebook comments, glittering Instagram snapshots and daily social media chatter, our PUBLIC community never ceases to inspire. So we thought we’d start a monthly series highlighting an image shared on social media by a PUBLIC rider that caught our eye, and learning a little more about the rider behind the shot.

This month it’s Darcy from Fayetteville, AR. She took the photo above of her Slate Blue PUBLIC V7 and we can’t think of a better way to sum up Spring.

Darcy writes about her hometown of Fayetteville…

“Fayetteville is home to a city bike trail called the Razorback Regional Greenway. It’s a 36 mile, mostly off road, paved trail that stretches from South Fayetteville up to Bella Vista. It connects riders to many city attractions and hot spots all over NWA. I love to take my PUBLIC V7 out on the trails on Sunday afternoon—riding and stopping along the way for a coffee or even some shopping. It’s definitely a favorite way to spend an afternoon.”

And she describes the inspiration behind the photo…

“On the day I took this photo it was finally starting to get warm and I was excited to take my camera out for some photos of some fresh blooms I had been seeing around town. I am a blogger (Helloluvvy.com) and taking my bike out to explore and take photos is something I do regularly. This tree, not far from my home, was absolutely amazing. I took lots of pictures of it for the blog and since I think my PUBLIC V7 is also amazing I added it in the photo.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Darcy. We look forward to highlighting next month’s inspiring rider!