January 19th, 2016


We’re happy to announce that the winner of our PUBLIC + Betabrand Giveaway is Eric G. from New Orleans, LA. Cue the wild applause! Eric joins the annals of our many past contest winners.

This NOLA resident is an avid cyclist already covering over 100 miles weekly between trips back and forth to pick up his daughter from school, biking to work and running errands. Eric notes, “Since Hurricane Katrina the city has installed over 100 miles in bicycle infrastructure so it makes my over 100 miles in bicycle commuting every week a lot safer.”

Thanks to his daily commuting and occupation as a pedicab driver in New Orleans, Eric knows the city well. “New Orleans is 8th in the nation for bicycle commuting and has a Silver Level ranking as a bicycle friendly community, according to the League of American Bicyclists. Surrounded by the most unique architecture, age-old Live Oak trees, and the waters of Bayou St. John, make cycling in my city a breath taking experience. I consider myself spoiled to both ride a bicycle and drive a pedicab for a living in New Orleans.”

Last year in a visit to his local bike shop, Dashing Bicycles, Eric purchased a PUBLIC M7 that he commutes with daily. His wife, however, doesn’t have a bike and this giveaway will allow her to commute alongside Eric. Eric says, “I look forward to both of us commuting more by bicycle and taking weekend trips to the Lake Front, City Park, and the French Quarter. We’re super excited about gearing up with Betabrand’s Bike to Work collection to improve comfortability and visibility on our pair of PUBLIC Bikes!”

Congratulations again Eric and many happy trails!

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4 Responses to “PUBLIC + Betabrand Giveaway Winner”

  1. John

    He is a colleague of mine at NolaPedicabs and is a hard worker.

    Congrats, Eric

  2. Mary Beth Dawson

    I am so happy to read that he and his wife will be riding together. I live in Rockaway Beach, NY, and we consider ourselves to be a sister city to NOLA after we suffered through Hurricane Sandy….truly an unwanted bond. Pre-storm my husband and I biked daily on our beloved boardwalk which the storm destroyed. Biking has always been a galvanizing force in our relationship. We switched to off road bikes and now ride on the beach. In anticipation of our boardwalk being complete this spring he bought me a new Public bike for Christmas. I promise to post pics of the inaugural ride. Congrats Eric. I hope you and your wife gain the same benefit my husband and I have through biking together. I promise the bike is spectacular and she will be thrilled to ride it. Ride on!

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Mary, what a heart-warming story. We’re so moved by your words and how biking has influenced your life. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy trails to you and your husband and we look forward to pics of your inaugural ride!