November 23rd, 2015

It’s a bike. It’s a disco ball. It’s…the Karaoke Rickshaw. For most of us, a bike is simply a way to get around. But with lots of creativity and ingenuity, bikes like the Karaoke Rickshaw can bring together a community of friends and strangers in public spaces over song, dance, and laughter.

We first spotted the Karaoke Rickshaw on a lunch break outside our office in San Francisco. Even though it is San Francisco, a city full of characters and silly traditions, it’s not often you see a rolling, shiny karaoke disco ball-shaped vehicle.

We’re drawn to the fact that the Karaoke Rickshaw brings smiles to faces and also brings something (singing) that’s largely done inside into the public realm.


Inspired by an article from The Guardian entitled “Playable Cities: the city that plays together, stays together”, we wrote in a previous blog post about some of the playful activities and events in several cities that connect people:

“By riding a bike, you instantly become a more connected part of your community and a little happier. It’s the reason why one of our taglines is “Ride a Bike. Smile More.” Since the concepts of fun and urban engagement are important to us, we took notice when a recent article on the importance of “play” in cities passed by our monitors.”

And that’s why the Karaokoe Rickshaw got our attention. It invites “play” in our public spaces – and helps people feel connected and, yes, a little happier.

Watch the below video to see some of the fun.

3 Responses to “Belting It Out In Public: The Karaoke Rickshaw”

  1. Caryn

    If people quit their jobs to drive Uber and play guitar or take up acting, I could do this, right? Only, I wouldn’t need to do anything else. Just this.

  2. Vanessa Warheit

    I want to know how the karaoke machine gets its power. Does the bike generate it (a la Rock the Bike power generators)? Does it have a battery?

    Also want to know where to find it cause it looks like SO MUCH FUN.

    • Nicole Faraclas

      Hi Vanessa! Thanks for your questions.
      Pretty sure the Karaoke Rickshaw gets its power from a battery and is not bike generated power–but that would be amazing!
      It’s home base is San Francisco, but maybe it would travel? You can find all the detail about booking the Karaoke Rickshaw here: