September 3rd, 2015


With a rack or basket on your bike you can carry just about everything, like your groceries, backpack and, yes, your lovable, four-legged friend.

In these final, dog days of summer we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite snaps from this year of dogs being carried by bike. If you fancy more dog + bike cuteness head to our all things dog + bike tumblr, Paws & Pedals.

Thanks everyone for your great submissions and keep them coming. If you have a dog and a bike, take a picture and submit your photo and we’ll share it out on Paws & Pedals.

1. Darla, looking extra happy in her Peterboro Original Basket.


Instagram @megkara

2. Larry the French is all smiles in his custom crate.


Instagram @debzanncar

3. Lola the cutest pug is sitting pretty in the Luvelo X-Crate


Instagram @laraakropp

4. Louie, the happy Pomeranian in our Peterboro Original Basket.


Instagram @classy_girl03

5. The inimitable Buddy Boo with our PUBLIC Mini C Balance Bike in red.


Instagram @buddyboowaggytails