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Bikes: Trees, a Cookbook, and The Devil

Two videos caught our eye recently, both dealing with new ideas spawned by bikes.

If you feel like ascending to new heights on a bike and need a smile, check out this ingenious climbing system we saw on Atlantic Cites.

If you would rather fantasize about an epic bike ride and meals designed for the journey, check out this new Bicycle Touring Cookbook that came out on Kickstarter.

First bike design?Ingenuity and innovation go hand in hand with bicycles, and this has been the case since their outset. The true origins of the bicycle are debatable, but like so many mechanical machines, Leonardo Da Vinci’s gang seems to have had some vision about what the future bike become. Here is a shot of one of the earliest (1493) studies attributed to his pupil Gian Giacomo Caprotti.

(Caprotti was better known as Salaì, which means “The Devil”, and worked with Da Vinci from the time he was 10 years old. He was the presumed model for several Da Vinci’s paintings, and even painted a nude version of the Mona Lisa!)

Later in the 19th century when the “modern” bike became common, bikes and related products were responsible for the greatest number of US patents every years. This changed when cars and technology rolled out of course, but the ingenuity surrounding bike products continues to grow and can probably be viewed in almost any modern culture.

New PUBLIC C1At PUBLIC we like to think that we play a part in the illustrious tradition of invention and ingenuity. Our new electric bikes fit nicely into this tradition. Our new single-speed bikes pay homage to the basic, simple nature of the bicycle, a design that has not really been improved upon since its origin – whenever that might have been.

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