July 11th, 2013

St. Frank Under Construction at PUBLIC
St. Frank Under Construction

Kevin Bohlin St. Frank Coffee
Kevin Bohlin

St. Frank Coffee
St. Frank’s Texaccino

Benjamin Paz
Benjamin Paz

St. Frank Coffee

Starting this week at our South Park store you’ll see a big wooden crate on our porch, and within that box you’ll find fantastic coffee service and a barista from St. Frank Coffee. We’ve teamed up with St. Frank to offer our customers and passersby what we think are some of the best espresso and coffee drinks in the city.

There are numerous world-class coffee roasters and destinations in San Francisco: Sightglass, Ritual, Four Barrel, and Blue Bottle to name a few. All of these groups deliver superb coffee. We’ve partnered with St. Frank for numerous reasons. The founder Kevin Bohlin is a nationally recognized barista known for his service and smiles. Read more about him and St. Frank and their shop which is about to open on Polk Street in this SF Weekly.

Kevin and his crew fit in well with our PUBLIC staff and culture. His talented staff includes people like Benjamin Paz from Honduras. Benjamin overseas the sourcing of the highest quality beans from very small farmers in Honduras in what is referred to as “relationally sourced” coffee.

The coffee itself is superb, and like our bikes, tasteful, accessible, and friendly with a nod to the best European traditions. The Honduran beans are roasted here in San Francisco to Kevin’s exact standards. Our initial offering will include a simple and classic selection of espresso drinks. Come on down and meet Kevin, Benjamin, and the St. Frank crew. Make a pit stop for a terrific coffee. Walk or ride away with a smile and a little more pep.

Why are we doing coffee? Why not? Coffee and bicycles go together quite nicely. We like engaging our customers in conversation as often as possible. In my travels around the US and Europe I’ve seen so many great bike and coffee pairings, it just seems like an obvious addition to our store. Expect to see some other food and fuel offerings from PUBLIC in the future.