September 6th, 2012

Most of our customers make a personal choice to get around or commute by bicycle. But the growing number of groups, companies, and even neighborhoods that encourage people to rethink how they move around also inspires us. Bikes get us to smile, but they also serve a valuable social function.

All of the examples below share one common thread – the bicycle is a simple and cost-effective way to create connections between people and places, while also taking care of the environment.

Some museums, like Masschusetts Museum of Contemporary Art provide bikes for their visitors to connect the museum with the surrounding area. MASS MoCa Jodi Joseph sums it up: “What better way to see the area?  An hour or two on a MASS MoCA bike rental can bring you to three world-class art museums, while you take in stunning Berkshire views, tackle truly accessible urban and rural riding, and you get in some good exercise.  Everyone wins!”

Residential communities are taking bikes seriously as well. For example, Grow Community, a neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, Washington provides a fleet of PUBLIC bikes for residents. Grow Community leaders recognize that a healthy community has sustainable transportation options that are not entirely dependent motor vehicles.

We love to see companies such as Clif Bar, Mozilla, AOL, Williams-Sonoma, Rackspace, and others provide our bikes for their employees. We produced custom bikes for Clif Bar’s 20th Anniversary giveaway to each employee. Mozilla offers fiery custom bikes for employees. Williams-Sonoma employees utilize our bikes to move between offices in San Francisco.  And many hotels, like Tribeca Grand Hotel on the Right Coast and Hotel Healdsburg on the Left Coast offer bikes for guests.

If you have other examples of enlightened groups and companies that are encouraging bicycling, please pass them onto us (or send us a photo as part of our contest). And please refer us to your company or any other groups that might be interested in the PUBLIC option.