June 27th, 2012

Getting around on a bike helps us all connect more closely with our communities. And buying local helps build a better civic connection between residents and local shops, craftsmen, farmers, chefs, and cafes. Urban farming is taking off. San Francisco recently (finally) changed the zoning laws that allow us to grow and sell local produce, a practice that has been gaining momentum across the country. We’d like to see more vacant lots get transformed into urban farms in residential neighborhoods. We encourage you to enjoy the local harvests by shopping at your farmers market. To find out what local goods we now offer, read on.

A large and lively farmers market takes place on Sundays down the street from our new Oakland Store. Come visit us and grab some local produce.

We think of ourselves as part of this “Livable Cities” movement, and so selling local products like honeys and jams makes sense.

San Francisco based Bay Area Bee Company raises beehives with great care in locations across the Bay Area, even inside the city limits. Hive locations are selected based on food and water sources that encourage strong, healthy and productive colonies, and delicious honey. Come by our stores for a taste or buy directly online.

As we grow we plan to introduce more local goods, with a focus on our hometown San Francisco. If you know of products that support local communities, let us know. In the mean time, check out some of the new products we just introduced.

Maps also increase our awareness and appreciation of our local community. We sell several maps with unique illustrations. From a tiny apartment in Ohio, These Are Things printing press designs illustrations with a cartographic twist. Jen Adrion and Omar Noory celebrate where they are from, have traveled, and dream of going. PUBLIC supports their local love for cities. The maps have a nice sense of place and look great in a home, office, or studio.