May 30th, 2012

We like to find ways to work creatively with organizations that believe in our mission. It is incredibly satisfying to collaborate with companies and organizations that promote bicycling as a healthy choice for everyday transportation. We receive a lot of requests to donate a bike to a worthwhile cause like public broadcasting, community art centers, and urban planning coalitions, just to name a few. While we are not in a position to give bikes away, we have found some clever and successful ways to support groups.

Our local Public Broadcasting NPR affiliate KQED is one example. We helped them raise over $170,000 for their pledge drive which featured PUBLIC bikes on Bike to Work Day two weeks ago. It was one of their most successful pledge drives. Grist, the environmental news website raised $72,000 for their membership drive featuring a PUBLIC bike. We did a similar promotion for the Sierra Club, who works to protect communities and the environment. Other organizations we’ve helped range from Streetsblog, Bike Zambia, Homeless PreNatal Program, California Bicycle Coalition, Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center, among others.

Developing special bikes for events is also fun. This month the ArtBikes auction at the San Francisco Fine Arts Fair featured PUBLIC Bikes to help raise $10,000 for our local San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Earlier this year Creative Growth, a community art center for adults with mental and physical disabilities, auctioned a PUBLIC bike painted by artist Donald Mitchell and brought in $2,000.

We also customize large bike orders for organizations, hotels, and companies. Recently local Bay Area companies Williams-Sonoma and Mozilla, with support from our friends at Bikes Make Life Better, introduced employee bike share programs to help their employees get around more efficiently and more happily. They join a growing list of innovative, people-oriented companies that are rethinking the way their employees move between offices, corporate campuses, or around town.

If you work for a company or organization that you think should incorporate a bike fleet, read on for more information. And please do come to us with creative ideas for ways we can work together. Send us your ideas here.