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Name That City. Win Big Bucks.

You can often identify a city by the everyday goods seen on the streets: the people themselves, clothing style, food stands, taxis, architecture, sidewalk materials, mailboxes, doorstops, etc. If we looked closely most of us could infer from these three photos, which came from Austin, Milan, or Copenhagen.

Can you identity a city by the bikes found on the streets?
We took photos of bikes in a city we visited recently. Each bike has a some clue to the city. Identify the city and send your response to contest@publicbikes.com. We’ll randomly pick from all the right answers and award a $100 merchandise credit.

Richard Risemberg won our Greenest City Contest because of his persuasive argument that NYC is the greenest city today. “There are various metrics that can be used to evaluate the greenesss of city. Because NYC has the lowest carbon emissions per capita, NYC deserves to be at the top of the ratings."

9 Responses to “Name That City. Win Big Bucks.”

  1. SandyBetts Says:

    NEW ORLEANS!! Where else?

  2. Dena Says:


  3. carl Says:

    New Orleans

  4. Mai Says:

    New Orleans

  5. Ayo Says:


  6. Stacey Zasadny Says:


  7. Stacey Zasadny Says:

    Please disregard prior message – my apologies as I thought this was the entry for the contest!

  8. Elizabeth Crane Says:

    New Orleans

  9. Bibi Says:

    this is a great contest. do the owners of the bikes know that their bikes are shown?
    The surroundings and clues look like New Orleans, Louisiana. I heve been riding on the same roads there too on my Public bike

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