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Savings for Daylight Savings

PUBLIC Dashboard


We think of PUBLIC bike handlebars a little like a car dashboard – a place for functional everyday objects and useful information. Lights and bells are the two most common amenities, but having a place for a cup of coffee, or your phone, or a doggie is also essential for many of us. Or keep track of how your bicycle commute translates into speed, distance, and time with an odometer. Take a look at our new dashboard items.


Sunday is daylight savings, and this means that many of us will be riding home from work in darkness for the next six months. Lights become especially critical this time of year for safe riding. So all lights are 15% off this week. If you want the biggest and brightest lights, get the Spaceship Headlight & Red Planet Taillight Set from Portland Design Works. We just added this set to our collection after seeing so many of the Oregon Manifest bikes sporting these during the competition. We also like to support local design firms whenever we can, and the Portland Design Works is a very talented group.

One Response to “Savings for Daylight Savings”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have the Knog LED lights front & rear on my Dahon Mu Uno and absolutely love them.

    Initially I had hesitation that the front light wouldn’t be bright enough, but it seems to work pretty well.

    Those little led’s are super bright!

    Two thumbs up endorsement here. I’ll probably pick up another pair, particularly the USB rechargeable ones.



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