November 18th, 2011

Here are three new PUBLIC products, just a sampling of what we have in store for holiday gifts. Our new products range from fashionable accessories to practical stocking stuffers for your bike lover, niece, boyfriend, or mom.


Selle Royale Contour Seat
For those seeking a fashionable saddle that is also comfortable, the Selle Royal Contour satisfies both. Hand-made in Italy, Contour’s genuine white leather saddle balances the need for style, comfort, and performance. Here is a fun fact: this saddle adorned Marino Basso’s bike when he won the Giro in ’77 (this is a famous Italian bike racer in a famous Italian race). Selle Royal reintroduced this 1972 Contour design for good reason.


Have you ever tried to find a fashionable rain poncho, one that looks stylish on and off your bike? We found one, the Iva Jean Rain Cape designed by Anne DeOtte from Seattle. The Iva Jean has numerous unique features beyond its water resistant fabric: reflective piping, clever cord and Velcro closure systems, vents to keep you from sweating, and a dozen other features. Since launch, its stylish good looks have made it a feature in Momentum, Seattle Met Magazine, A Cup of Jo, and it even won the Daily Candy Start Small, Go Big 2011 contest.


If you are not a hardcore biker or mechanically inclined you might ask yourself “what is Bio-lube and why do I need it?” Bio-lube is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely biodegradable oil. Putting a few dabs on your bike chain every six months will keep your bike riding like butter. It reduces friction, noise, and keeps your gears especially happy. Plus if you want to impress your handyman friends, this oil can also be used for basic household needs, like a squeaky door hinge. This small bottle works great as a stocking stuffer, especially for bike geeks who know the reputation of Phil Woods & Co. bike components.