June 1st, 2011

“Oftentimes people will ask if it is hard to ride a bike in heels. It’s not,” Lauren Gerrie says. “In fact, it makes wearing heels that much easier because your feet hurt less from not having to walk around. I put together my outfits based around the assumption that I will be riding my bike. This opens my world of options up tenfold. I tell you what, a girl cannot stand/walk around this city in 4″ stilettos for that long, but she sure as hell can ride in them for hours on end.”

Until the recent resurgence of the everyday bicycle, bicycling in the United States has primarily focused on performance and recreation. It’s more diversely utilized in other parts of the world.

At PUBLIC, we focus on bicycling as transportation – as a simple and elegant vehicle for joy and getting around our communities. Our vision is a world where more of our public spaces are reclaimed for walking and bicycling.

We welcome everyone, regardless of his or her footwear, to ride a bicycle daily. You can dress in casual or business attire, and wear heels, tennis shoes, flip flops, or just about anything while riding our PUBLIC bikes. We appreciate a combination of practicality, style, health, and fashion.