May 3rd, 2011

PUBLIC Bikes at Design Within Reach

We are thrilled that PUBLIC bikes can now be found and test ridden at 10 different Design Within Reach Studios this season, including Scottsdale, Boston, Charlotte, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Miami, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Check out test ride locations.

Having bikes in a “furniture store” may seem a bit odd, and it may not be what you would call a traditional retail practice, but it makes its own kind of sense.  Both DWR and PUBLIC are, first and foremost, about design, and both companies are committed to improving the quality of our spaces and environment.

DWR was founded on the principles of modern design, not on the principles of furniture, and the mission of DWR is to improve the quality of the spaces in which we live and work.  What began in 1999 with a small catalog of 50 chairs has grown to be the most authoritative, comprehensive, and accessible selection of modern design in the world.  It continues to be more a design store than a furniture store. So having bikes (or forks or shoes or iPods or anything well-designed) is completely consistent with its foundation. If you’d like to test this theory, try to find a designer who does not worship the bike as an iconic design form.

PUBLIC Bikes: Design Matters from PUBLIC Bikes on Vimeo.

Similarly, PUBLIC is primarily about design, not just bikes. Our mission at PUBLIC is to help improve the quality of our PUBLIC spaces and community experiences. We tried to get at this notion with this video.  The same elusive principles that make a well-designed chair – simplicity, good form, honesty, comfort, elegance, and character – go into a bicycle. I’ve always argued ­– admittedly, not often with much success – that a bicycle is really just a “chair on wheels”.

Our bikes are proud and happy to be included in the mix at DWR Studios. Please go visit them and take them for a spin.  The DWR Studio staff has earned a reputation for superb service over the last decade so they can help place an order for any PUBLIC bike. Keep in mind that DWR only has our medium chartreuse PUBLIC M8 and medium blue PUBLIC D8 at their studios

DWR Elan

Elan Collection at DWR

DWR Ollie

Ollie Collection at DWR

If you have not been to a DWR store recently, you’re in for some cool surprises, especially this time of year.  The selection of outdoor furniture has an amazing range, including the Go recycled line, mid-century icons like Axel Enthoven’s Elan collection, contemporary DWR classics like the Rusa series from LA based KAA Design firm, the versatile Ollie series by Royce Nelson, and a lot more (some featured above). A wide range of fresh new designers and designs are featured this season. You won’t find a better selection of modern outdoor design anywhere in the US. And while we’re on the subject, can we say that bicycles are actually examples of mobile outdoor furniture?

If you are unable to visit a DWR Studio, the best way to keep up with what’s going on at DWR is through their newsletter. Sign up here. We plan to have some PUBLIC bike events at select DWR Studios, and you’ll hear about these in their newsletter (and in ours as well).  Their weekly newsletter and complementary blog are a great way to keep up with design events both locally and internationally.