May 5th, 2011

Mother’s Day is this weekend and we’d like to thank mothers everywhere.

We’re especially fond of mothers who ride with their young kids – like our customer Elka who blogs about her adventures living and riding with her child.

We also appreciate mothers who teach their children how to ride bikes. Brenna from our PUBLIC team wrote this personal story about her mom:

Here’s Brenna in her own words:

“My mom has taught me a lot about exploring life. One of my first lessons was learning how to ride a bike.

As a child, I wasn’t particularly coordinated or spatially aware, and learning how to ride a bike was a week-long ordeal fraught with crashes. My first attempt on the bike is still a vivid memory: moments after congratulating myself on successfully pedaling, I forgot how to brake and crashed spectacularly into the backyard fence. It was a traumatizing blow for a risk-averse 7-year-old.

How did I survive this trial by fire and eventually grow into daily cyclist? My mom.

We spent long afternoons where she would awkwardly jog behind me as I pedaled, steadying my seat with her hand and then gently letting me go. After every fall, she wiped away tears and urged me back on the bike. Eventually I learned to like riding, and now it’s a big part of my life. Thanks for teaching me, Mom.”

Child's Hemet

For Mother’s Day, PUBLIC is offering a free Child’s Helmet with Yepp Seat Purchase. Leave it to the Dutch to design children’s bike seats that are functional and safe, as well as good looking.

This offer is valid through 5/11, or until we run out of inventory of Child’s Helmets.