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PUBLIC Bikes: Design Matters

PUBLIC’s founder Rob Forbes, who also founded Design Within Reach, shares his thoughts about why design matters and the vision behind PUBLIC.

PUBLIC is a San Francisco-based bicycle and gear company with our store and headquarters in 123 South Park. We design and sell urban bikes, along with accessories to make riding more enjoyable, practical, and chic. Our European-inspired bikes ride like butter. They come in single and multi-speeds in all sizes. You can dress in casual or business attire, and wear pumps, tennis shoes, or flip flops – just about anything – while riding our bikes. And we have baskets, bags and other gear to go along with them. These bikes will make you feel like a kid again, and this is every bit as important as anything else. All of our products can be ordered online. Or find PUBLIC bikes at these locations in the US and Canada.

One Response to “PUBLIC Bikes: Design Matters”

  1. Duncan Says:

    I really love that video. Had to watch it a time or two!

    Rob makes a compelling argument I have to say. I think all of the things he mentions are probably more important than we would normally give credit to in our frenzied, overloaded lives.

    Design in all its manifestations works immeasurably to improve the quality of our lives probably in conscious & unconscious ways. So many things that we probably take for granted, end up becoming a part of our culture & social fabric that identifies us & brings meaning & value to all the time.

    Particularly in the public realm, design to me is not just a part of our contemporary visual culture, but is deeper than that, it’s what makes the world work or not. Makes life easier or doesn’t.

    Getting re-acquainted with our cities either on foot or on a bike, I find a really serendipitous, kinesthetic experience that allows me to rediscover the places that I thought I knew, but didn’t, since I did so much of my traveling by car. Cars are fine, but if you’re moving down the street in a glass, rubber & steel box moving along at 35 or 40 mph, trying something different, might be a pleasant surprise.

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