March 7th, 2011

For many of us, a bike is not really complete without a basket or some form of carrying device to hold the various things we need when we ride through the city. In most European cities where people ride bikes for daily transportation, a carrying device is a necessity. In many cases, we place a small backpack or messenger bag inside our built-on racks and baskets for convenience instead of strapping a bag across or on our shoulder. Basket solutions are endless and they vary by culture – examples shown below. Our goal at PUBLIC is to provide you with a full range of solutions, and over the next few months you’ll see a lot of racks and baskets added to our product line. We are delighted to offer WALD baskets at PUBLIC.

Wald Baskets: Made in the USA. In stock and ready to ship.
The US company WALD has been manufacturing bike products since 1905. You will see their baskets everywhere in the US, used by pizza delivery guys in New York and hipsters in Portland. Their baskets are a common basic utility with a minimal look that’s easy on the eyes. While many baskets require bulky systems to attach them to the frame, these secure with two bolts on the handlebars and another two on the front forks. Made of lightweight aluminum. They are very simple to install requiring only an Allen wrench and a screwdriver. It is a fifteen-minute exercise. They fit on almost every type of bike (not just ours). Especially handy for purses, small pets, locks, sandwiches, yoga wear, burritos, and anything you pick up spontaneously on the road. Used with a bungee cord, you can even pack in a coffee.

We have 4 different sizes and shapes.

Photo Credit: top row, middle photo by Gil Garcetti from his book “Paris: Women and Bicycles”