November 23rd, 2010

We had a tough time choosing the winners of our PUBLIC Contest for a new PUBLIC J7 or PUBLIC A7 among so many impressive, thoughtful, and creative entries. We received entries from all over the country from Muscle Shoals, AL to Sarasota, FL to Flat Rock, MI.

We had both a contest for university students and a general contest for everyone else. And we even decided to give away a third PUBLIC bike to a student from UC Berkeley where we received the most university entries. Our Grand Prize winners all received new PUBLIC bikes and the second prize winners received PUBLIC accessories and gear.

Here are our PUBLIC Contest winners (read the winning submissions below):

Grand Prize PUBLIC Contest Winner

Mark Schafer
Knoxville, Tennessee

Grand Prize University Contest Winners

Marieke Van Damme
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

Michal Kapitulnik
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Second Prize Contest Winners

Kate Woodrow
Berkeley, California

Sandra Edwards
New York, New York

Karen Krutch
Florence, Alabama

Heidi Easudes
Phoenix, Arizona

Stephanie Holder
Oakland, California

Leslie Bloom
San Luis Obispo, Calfornia

David Kwan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Matt Wholey
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hannah Halliday
State College, Pennsylvania

Mary Hosch
Convington, Louisiana

Grand Prize Winning Submissions

Mark Schafer
Knoxville, TN

Please view the illustrated version of my entry.

A 90-Minute Bicycle Trip in Knoxville, Tennessee
–Starring PUBLIC and Me–

Stop #1
We would begin our ride west of town at my house, traveling on roads and PUBLIC greenways towards Downtown.

Stop #2
Home of the Tennessee Vols. It is here that you would discover why you should open a bike shop in Knoxville selling only your orange bikes!

Stop #3
No, it’s not actually a wig shop as shown on the Simpsons, but it’s the define mark of the Knoxville skyline and features a great view of the city!

Stop #4
A bit random, but this cool monument memorializes the great pianist’s last PUBLIC concert! (it was in Knoxville)

Stop #5
Perhaps Knoxville’s best PUBLIC space, this is where our bike ride would end with an energizing meal from the farmers’ market or a great local eatery like the Tomato Head. Over lunch, we’d discuss…

Question #1
How do you encourage bike riding when things where you live are pretty far apart?

Question #2
To transform my commute, is my only option to sell my house, move, and get a new job?

Question #3
What would you suggest to improve biking in Knoxville?

I would then say, “Thank you” for taking a bike ride in my city.


Marieke Van Damme
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

(Note! From “A” to “Z”):

Ahoy! Boston’s a great town to explore by PUBLIC bicycle. Climb on with me at Boston University. Down we go. Esplanade first. Fenway coming up. Great place to grab a bite, this place called Lower Depths. Hot dogs for a dollar. I like mine with mac and cheese. Just in time to beat the campus rush.

Kenmore’s the name of this area. Lansdowne Street is our way out of here, where all the home run balls fall. Mothers Rest marks the start of a lovely string of parks with a pleasant bike path. Now we head uphill, so change gears. On past the Museum of Fine Arts. Pedal! Quixotic this trip is not.

Round the Riverway, where our tires send acorns somersaulting. Soon we plateau at a pond where boats wobble in the breeze. The path around is nice, but no biking allowed. Used to be able to swim here, too. Veer with me instead onto the street where my apartment is.

Xerxes once halted his army for a week to admire a sycamore. You and I can’t do that, we’ve got studying to do. Zoom back downhill when you’re done; I’ll bike in tomorrow.

Michal Kapitulnik
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California

left, left, straight. stop. look under your left shoe. right, straight. right, hang right, stop. look straight ahead. left, left, straight. stop. right, veer left, straight, stop. look to your left. straight, 2nd right, straight, stop. look over your right shoulder. straight, right, right, third left, stop. snacks. straight (riding more slowly) third right, stop. nap.