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Espress Lane: Baristas and Bicycles

Bike shops often get a bad rap for having attitude or being unfriendly to anyone but bike geeks. That’s changing big time. What could say “take your time, you’re welcome here” better than a friendly, on-site barista?

We were in Minneapolis last month. We stopped by the Angry Catfish bike shop where the barista served us this cappuccino with the foamy heart shaped adornment. It was nothing special for him – just another coffee.  But it was very special. How many other kinds of retail stores provide this sort of pleasure? Maybe in Italy, but here in the US – and in a bike store?

It turns out that quite a few bike shops across the country boast a café – it’s becoming part of the culture. In San Francisco we have the Mojo Bicycle Cafe, a terrific local establishment where the modest barista allowed me to film her finishing off my cappuccino. Other caffeinated bike shops we have visited include the Juan Pelota Café at Mellow Johnny’s in Austin, and One on One in Minneapolis where you can find Moose and Masi’s together.

Ride Studio Café Serves coffee and PUBLIC bikes

This cool bike shop in Lexington, MA, just opened. They are carrying a range of PUBLIC bikes as well as their own Honey bikes. Both are pretty sweet. For information on what other bike shops carry PUBLIC bikes click here.  Not all these stores make and serve cappuccinos, but they are known for service and smiles.

If you frequent a bike café, tell us in the comments below, and we’ll make a list of them to share on our website. We’re guessing that Portland or Seattle might have five or six, given the regional addiction to coffee in the northwest. And if you send us a video clip of a worthy cappuccino foam topping, we’ll post it and send you a surprise gift from PUBLIC. Surprise gift means whatever item we have too many of. We’ll give you credit of course, but this contest is just for coffee nuts like ourselves.

Caffeine Powered Bike Shops

5 Responses to “Espress Lane: Baristas and Bicycles”

  1. velomann Says:

    River City Bikes in Portland serves free espresso drinks on weekends. Directly Above the barrista bar is the Saint Eddy shrine. Scroll down to see it here: http://rivercitybicycles.com/about/the-store-in-pictures-pg95.htm
    it’s the last photo.

  2. Mark Simmons Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Velomann.

  3. Todd Says:

    At Kalkhoff USA, http://www.kalkhoffusa.com we offer a free espresso beverage to anyone who comes into our Portland, OR showroom (Kalkhoff Bikes Portland) and test rides our German-made E-bikes. We don’t just serve any old espresso, either! We have teamed up with Intelligentsia to create our own custom blend of Kalkhoff “E-Spresso” to go with our E-Bikes. We also sell our custom E-spresso by the pound for $14. If you buy an e-bike while you’re here, we may just throw in a bag at no charge!

  4. John Says:

    Strictly Bicycles, just over the George Washington bridge from Manhattan has a nice espresso machine. It’s right along one of the more popular routes for NYC cycling. I don’t think they are carrying Public bikes (yet), but they can certainly service them!

  5. cenral park tours Says:

    They are not carrying public bikes but service is available. BTW love cycling on Brooklyn Bridge

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